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1000-Lb. Sisters’ Amy Reveals the Hardest Part of Having 2 Kids – E! Online

Amy Slaton is getting adjusted to a full house.

The star of TLC’s 1000-Lb. Sisters welcomed son Glenn Allen Halterman with husband Michael Halterman in July 2022, joining brother Gage Deon who was born in November 2020.

Having two kids under the age of 2 underneath the same roof isn’t easy for anybody, and Amy exclusively told E! News that she’s still dealing with the learning curve.

“The best part is getting to see them interact with each other and get to know each other,” she said. “The worst part is when I’m home alone with the two of them and they both start crying at the same time. I don’t know which one to give my attention to first.”

Amy revealed that 6-month-old Glenn has started doing an “army crawl” on this own, and that Gage has already embraced his new role—most of the time.

“Gage is learning how to be a big brother,” Amy said. “He loves to teach Glenn how to do things or he’ll feed him. It all depends on his mood.”

Source link 1000-Lb. Sisters’ Amy Slaton Reveals the Hardest Part of Having 2 Kids

1000-Lb. Sisters celebrity Amy Slaton is opening up about the struggles of parenting two young children and the joy of watching them grow. The reality star recently shared a glimpse into her daily life as a mother of two during an exclusive interview with E! Online.

Amy and her sister Tammy Slaton are stars of TLC’s hit series 1000-Lb. Sisters. On the show, the sisters have documented their physical health journeys, but in the interview, Amy focused on her other major commitment: motherhood.

When asked what the hardest part of parenting was for her, Amy didn’t hesitate to give an honest answer.

“The hardest part for me is then when you think everything is going good that’s when something else gets thrown in the mix,” she said. “There’s always a surprise, and it’s never a good surprise. You just have to stay on top of it.”

The 1000-Lb. Sisters star has two children: 2-year-old daughter Easton and 4-year-old son Grey. Though her kids may surprise her with unexpected problems, Amy said the joys of parenting outweigh the hardships.

“What I love most is watching them grow and learn new things, like how to spell things, their writing and how they pronounce words they just learned,” she explained. “It’s so much fun to be around them and watch them discover new things.”

Amy also discussed how her kids have helped her stay focused on her health journey, which she began at the beginning of the 1000-Lb. Sisters series. She revealed that they also keep her motivated to stay on her diet.

“I don’t want to just give up and give in. I want to keep going and keep doing better,” she said. “Just seeing the look on their little faces when I’m successful… I just want them to have the best of me.”

It’s clear that Amy is devoted to her children and that she genuinely enjoys being a mom. As she continues to make progress on her health journey and her life as a parent, she’s sure to win even more fans in the process.

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