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11 Surprising Secrets About Teen Wolf Revealed – E! Online

After being approached by MTV with the idea of rebooting Teen Wolf, series creator Jeff Davis said he watched the original 1985 movie starring Michael J. Fox. Knowing the network was hoping to enter the scripted market with a big series, he wondered what tone they were hoping to strike. Did they really want a TV show about basketball inspired by the “dated” film?

Davis found inspiration in The Lost Boys and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, hoping to be “sexy, suspenseful, scary and funny,” he detailed. “I mostly was only interested in doing it if it could also have a sense of humor and jokes, or, at least, have a sense of irony. And not be so utterly serious like all the other teen shows that were coming out at that point.”

Before writing the pilot, Davis also read the first two Twilight books. While he understood why teenage girls—MTV’s desired demographic—was into it, he found the story “melodramatic.” For Teen Wolf, he wanted the audience to “be laughing one minute and then scared s–tless the next.” 

Still, MTV had one major note when they read the pilot script: “‘There needs to be more sexiness. Every single scene must be oozing with sex,'” he recalled. “I’m sitting there thinking to myself, ‘Do you want the scene with Scott and his mom to be oozing with sex?!’ Every single scene?!’ But they were like, ‘This is how we draw an audience.'”

As he recalled, “I remember seeing the first trailer and thinking to myself, ‘OK so, they’re selling it just like Twilight. We’re f–ked.'”

Thankfully, he was wrong.

Source link Nowadays, the Teen Wolf series is one of the most beloved and adored programs on television. Teen Wolf is a supernatural drama television series developed by Jeff Davis that has recently enjoyed a huge success among its young devoted fans. With so many hours of the series been watched, one might wonder if there is anything left to explore when it comes to Teen Wolf. Well, the answer is yes! Just recently, E! Online has revealed 11 surprising secrets about Teen Wolf that many of its fans were not aware of.

Firstly, Dylan O’Brien, who plays the incredibly popular character Stiles, was almost not chosen as the actor for the series. He did not impress the producer during the initial trial and wasn’t picked as the main character until he later on showed greater potential in front of the camera crew.

Secondly, the creator of the series, Jeff Davis, has originally planned the series as a feature film. Later on, the storyline was adjusted and developed for an MTV television series.

Thirdly, Lydia, played by Holland Roden, was initially chosen as a guest-star character that was only supposed to appear in three episodes.

Fourthly, Jeff Davis penned the first versions of the Teen Wolf screenplay with a very limited budget. Consequently, the budget was very tight in the first three seasons of the series.

Fifthly, Tyler Posey, the actor playing the main character, Scott McCall underwent a significant transformation from the beginning of the series as he was not very experienced in the field.

Sixthly, the character of Stiles has been popularly talked about due to the highly adventurous storylines his character undergoes throughout the a main push for the series.

Seventhly, many of the Teen Wolf filming locations have been reused for other movies and series in production.

Eighthly, the music department of the series has been credited with many award-winning scores.

Ninthly, the series came to an end after its sixth season in 2017 as the creator of the series, Jeff Davis, wanted to create sustained suspense and mystery around the series finale.

Tenthly, the series has many crossover characters that guest-star throughout the show, such as Tyler Posey’s real-life sister, who can be seen in one of the episodes.

Finally, the series created an impressive impact on the public, as it became one of the frequently watched series with over 3.2 million viewers during its peak season.

In short, it is quite eye-opening to observe how much Teen Wolf has developed throughout the years, and E! Online has revealed how many secrets have been hidden behind the series’ success.

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