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11 Surprising Secrets About Teen Wolf Revealed

After being approached by MTV with the idea of rebooting Teen Wolf, series creator Jeff Davis said he watched the original 1985 movie starring Michael J. Fox. Knowing the network was hoping to enter the scripted market with a big series, he wondered what tone they were hoping to strike. Did they really want a TV show about basketball inspired by the “dated” film?

Davis found inspiration in The Lost Boys and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, hoping to be “sexy, suspenseful, scary and funny,” he detailed. “I mostly was only interested in doing it if it could also have a sense of humor and jokes, or, at least, have a sense of irony. And not be so utterly serious like all the other teen shows that were coming out at that point.”

Before writing the pilot, Davis also read the first two Twilight books. While he understood why teenage girls—MTV’s desired demographic—was into it, he found the story “melodramatic.” For Teen Wolf, he wanted the audience to “be laughing one minute and then scared s–tless the next.” 

Still, MTV had one major note when they read the pilot script: “‘There needs to be more sexiness. Every single scene must be oozing with sex,'” he recalled. “I’m sitting there thinking to myself, ‘Do you want the scene with Scott and his mom to be oozing with sex?!’ Every single scene?!’ But they were like, ‘This is how we draw an audience.'”

As he recalled, “I remember seeing the first trailer and thinking to myself, ‘OK so, they’re selling it just like Twilight. We’re f–ked.'”

Thankfully, he was wrong.

Source link In MTV’s popular fantasy-drama series Teen Wolf, viewers are taken on a journey full of mystery, suspense and drama. The show, which ran from 2011 to 2017, is packed full of interesting characters and storylines that keep fans coming back for more. For those who can’t get enough of Teen Wolf, here are 11 surprising secrets that help uncover the show’s mysteries.

1. The Werewolf Protagonist

The main protagonist of the series, Scott McCall, is a werewolf. After being bitten by an Alpha in the pilot episode, Scott is transformed into a lycanthrope. With species-altering consequences, Scott must learn to control his new werewolf powers while also living a normal teenage life.

2. Supernatural Creatures

In the world of Teen Wolf, there are many different kinds of supernatural creatures living side-by-side. Along with werewolves, viewers will also find vampires, banshees, shapeshifters, kitsunes, and many more.

3. Alphas and Betas

In Teen Wolf, there are two types of werewolves – Alphas and Betas. Alphas represent the most powerful type of werewolf and possess special abilities. Betas are the weaker version and usually need an Alpha to survive.

4. Inspired by the 80s Film

The show was heavily influenced by the 1985 movie “Teen Wolf.” The show follows the same premise of a teenage boy who gets turned into a werewolf, but there are some significant changes from the original film.

5. Pop Culture References

The show often pays homage to various other pop culture references. For example, one episode includes a game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” referencing “The Karate Kid.”

6. Unrequited Love Interests

Scott often had to choose between two girls throughout the series, Allison Argent and Lydia Martin. Though his relationships with both of them take on vastly different paths, his love interests are highly coveted by fans.

7. Radioactive Wolfsbane

Wolfsbane is an herb that is poisonous to werewolves, however, in Teen Wolf it takes on a new form. After being exposed to radiation, the wolfsbane serum is able to cure a werewolf from the bite.

8. Character Deaths

Throughout the series, several characters are killed off for shock value. This includes mostly fan-favorite characters whose deaths often left viewers reeling.

9. Unusual Powers

Scott’s werewolf powers include heightened senses and the ability to heal quickly. However, there are some more unusual powers such as being able to transfer his werewolf bite to others as seen in the last season of the show.

10. Pack Mentality

The werewolves in Teen Wolf often form packs, representing a higher level of organization and hierarchy, similar to a wolf pack in the wild.

11. Inter-Species Relationships

The show highlights the love between different species including Scott and Allison, and Lydia and Aiden. Both inter-species relationships bring the struggles of loving someone from a different world to light.

Teen Wolf is a show that is packed full of surprises and secrets. With these 11 surprising secrets revealed, fans can now learn more about the show and its intricate world. From species-altering consequences to inter-species relationships, there is something for everyone to discover and appreciate.

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