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15 Creative Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Long-Term Relationship – E! Online

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When you’re in a long-term relationship, it’s easy for gifting to get a little stale. You may be at the point where you live together, you’ve built a life together, and you’re kind of out of ideas for the whole “holiday about dating” thing. After all, do you really need an excuse to celebrate something that’s just a regular part of your life?

Uh, yes. Because it’s adorable, first of all, and secondly, when things are so commonplace, we’re so much more likely to take them for granted. Deciding to celebrate Valentine’s Day lovey-dovey style is a sweet (pun only kind of intended) way to honor your relationship. Even if the relationship itself is a given.

Choosing to do it up this year is one thing. But the gifting part? Well, that’s the challenge. Once you know everything your partner has, or everything you share as a unit, how do you come up with creative new ideas? 

You don’t have to! I did the work for you. No matter how long you’ve been together, or how large or small you plan to celebrate, here are my picks for Valentine’s Day gifts for couples in long-term relationships.

Source link For couples in a long-term relationship, Valentine’s Day presents an opportunity to show appreciation for their significant other and express love. This year, instead of traditional gifts like chocolates, flowers and teddy bears, surprise your special someone with a unique, thoughtful, and creative gift. Here are fifteen ways to do just that:

1. Get crafty: Valentine’s Day is about expressing your love for someone in your life. Show your partner that you care by creating a homemade card or scrapbook filled with your favorite memories together.

2. Gift an experience: Create a memorable experience for both of you to enjoy such as tickets to a show, concert, or a craft-making session.

3. A personalized gift: Let your partner know that you are truly thinking of him or her by giving a personal gift such as an engraved necklace or a custom printed phone case.

4. Give the gift of relaxation: Make your partner feel like royalty by gifting a spa or massage package.

5. Send a delivery: Express your love by having a bouquet of flowers, a gift basket of his or her favorite treats, or a bottle of wine delivered to the door.

6. Go on a date: Create a romantic evening out on the town. Make reservations at their favorite restaurant or explore a new city by doing a favorite activity.

7. Find a creative way to say I love you: If a heartfelt note just won’t do, make your own special message for your partner with a selection of Valentine’s Day cards, an explosion box, or a box of words (a list of words that describe your partner, appreciation notes, wishes).

8. Have fun: Let your partner know you enjoy spending time with them by creating your own DIY board games, having a night of movies, or having an at-home game night.

9. Show them a good time: Take your partner on an adventure; whether it’s by creating a scavenger hunt to explore their area or going on a tour, show your partner that you can still have fun together.

10. Get physical: Show your significant other how athletic and romantic you can be with gifts such as a rock climbing classes, snow tubing, or a day of skiing.

11. Get creative in the kitchen: If you want your partner to know you appreciate their presence in your life, bake a cake, make dinner, create a special recipe book, or simply buy some of their favorite ingredients to make something special together.

12. Get lost in a book: Pick out a book for your partner that you know he or she will enjoy. This could be something easily available or a hard to find book that has special meaning to the both of you.

13. Keep them cozy: When it’s cold outside, there’s nothing like a nice, warm blanket, slippers, or a cozy sweater to keep your partner comfy on Valentine’s Day.

14. Make it romantic: Make it a romantic day with a picnic basket filled with delicious treats, a candlelight dinner filled with music and a view, or shared tickets to a romantic play.

15. Go all out and plan a getaway: Take your partnership to the next level by planning a getaway to a romantic destination you have both been wanting to visit.

Make your partner feel loved, appreciated and special this Valentine’s Day with a special gift from the heart. These unique gifts will give your long-term relationship the boost it needs and strengthen your relationship.

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