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15 Creative Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Long-Term Relationship

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When you’re in a long-term relationship, it’s easy for gifting to get a little stale. You may be at the point where you live together, you’ve built a life together, and you’re kind of out of ideas for the whole “holiday about dating” thing. After all, do you really need an excuse to celebrate something that’s just a regular part of your life?

Uh, yes. Because it’s adorable, first of all, and secondly, when things are so commonplace, we’re so much more likely to take them for granted. Deciding to celebrate Valentine’s Day lovey-dovey style is a sweet (pun only kind of intended) way to honor your relationship. Even if the relationship itself is a given.

Choosing to do it up this year is one thing. But the gifting part? Well, that’s the challenge. Once you know everything your partner has, or everything you share as a unit, how do you come up with creative new ideas? 

You don’t have to! I did the work for you. No matter how long you’ve been together, or how large or small you plan to celebrate, here are my picks for Valentine’s Day gifts for couples in long-term relationships.

Source link Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to express your affection and appreciation to a significant other. Whether you’re in a new relationship or you’ve been together for years, a thoughtful gift is sure to bring a smile to the face of the one you love. If you’re looking for creative Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your long-term relationship, we’ve got you covered.

If your partner loves music, why not surprise them with personalized guitar picks? You can make them yourself or purchase pre-made picks with custom designs. Another great music-themed gift would be concert tickets to your partner’s favorite artist or a gift certificate to a local music store.

For the creative-minded, consider a hand-decorated ceramic piece or personalized art made to look like a portrait of the two of you. You could even enlist the help of a local artist and commission a custom painting!

If your partner is a fan of fashion, you could show your appreciation with a luxury scarf or an accessory of their choice. Another great fashion find is a trendy heartbeat ring that symbolizes your love and connection.

For a cozy evening in, you might gift them a plush throw blanket or a gift basket of their favorite snacks. And, of course, you can spice up the evening with a romantic meal for two. Consider arranging for a private chef to come to your home, or surprise your partner with a reservation to a new restaurant.

If you’re looking for an experience-oriented gift, consider taking a cooking class together or signing up for dancing lessons. You might also consider a local winery tour or a hot air balloon ride—it’s sure to be an afternoon they won’t forget!

For the health conscious, a spa weekend might be the perfect pick-me-up. You can choose a nearby facility or plan an out-of-town trip to get away from the noise of everyday life.

No matter how long you’ve been together, there’s always something special about celebrating the day of love with the one you love. With these creative Valentine’s Day gift ideas, you’re sure to make this February 14th a day to remember.

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