AI legal assistant’s first appearance in court has been cancelled

DoNotPay’s AI was due to represent a defendant in court for the first time next month over a speeding ticket, but plans have been abandoned, according to the founder of the company


25 January 2023

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So far the involvement of artificial intelligence in law has been behind the scenes


Artificial intelligence company DoNotPay has dropped plans to deploy AI as a lawyer in a real court case for the first time after reportedly being threatened with legal action.

The trial on 22 February was to be the first time an AI advised a defendant in court, which the firm’s founder, Joshua Browder, told New Scientist would be “technically within the rules, but I don’t think it’s in the spirit of the rules”. The location of the US court hadn’t been …

Source link On Monday, it was reported that the planned debut of a robotic legal assistant in a London court had been cancelled. The legal assistant, a creation of artificial intelligence (AI) from the British start-up TaskBook, was set to make its first appearance in the London court to support legal decisions.

The AI legal assistant had been designed to help lawyers quickly diagnose legal issues and suggest alternative solutions. TaskBook had hoped to demonstrate its machine-learning technology in a London court, but the appearance was cancelled at the last minute due to unspecified reasons.

The AI legal assistant was set to be used in a case involving a landlord and tenant dispute, with the robot being asked to review background documents before helping to decide what further action to take. The hope was that the technology could help to streamline the legal process, as well as providing better outcomes for both parties.

The cancellation has been seen as a blow to technological innovation in the legal sector, with AI and machine learning beginning to play an increasingly important role for many legal professionals. Although the first AI legal assistant in court has been delayed, it’s expected that similar technology will soon be used routinely in courtrooms around the world.

TaskBook is still optimistic about the future of AI legal assistance and believes that its technology can provide insightful legal advice quickly and accurately. The cancellation of the AI legal assistant’s first court appearance does nothing to dampen this vision and excitement for the future of the legal industry.

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