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This week’s Real Housewives of Miami started with a flash-forward to a fight between Alexia Nepola and Nicole Martin, while the ladies were out to dinner with Marysol Patton, Guerdy Abraira, and all of their “gringos”. Everyone appeared to be having fun until Alexia went off on Nicole for “disrespecting” her and her lawyer friend in her home last week. “You’re a professional, Nicole, and that was not professional,” Alexia yelled across the table. But before we could see anymore, the episode went back in time (one day to be exact) so we, as viewers, could see how the ladies got to that fight.

It all started with Alexia and Marysol going to get some work done. Alexia wanted to get a fat loss injection in her butt, so Marysol took Alexia to her favorite doctor and administered the shot herself. But before they did that, Alexia told Marysol how disgusted she was by Nicole’s behavior at her house. Alexia didn’t like that Nicole got loud and asked her lawyer friend if what Larsa Pippen said about her allegedly sleeping with “all the doctors” at her hospital could be considered defamation of character. And when Alexia told Nicole she was wasting the lawyer’s time and the money she spent on him, Nicole “disrespected” her by whipping out her black American Express card to pay him herself. Following the incident, they hugged it out, but Alexia is clearly still upset about it.

Alexia had previously said she wanted to do a “gringo” dinner with Nicole, Marysol, Guerdy and their husbands/partners. Marysol suspected she’d now want to disinvite Nicole, but Alexia said she’d never do such a thing (a clear dig at Nicole iconically disinviting Larsa from her engagement party a few weeks ago). Alexia said she still wanted Nicole to attend because she felt she was owed an apology, and she was hoping Nicole would give her one at the dinner.

Meanwhile, Nicole started setting up a weekend getaway to the Bahamas so everyone could rally around Lisa Hochstein and get her mind off her divorce from Lenny. Lisa was recently told by Lenny that he wants her and the kids out of the house, and he’ll seek a court order if she doesn’t respect his wishes. So she’s not even sure she’ll be able to go on the trip — as Nicole and Alexia say later in the episode, she’s basically too scared to leave the house because she fears Lenny will bring his girlfriend to the house and around their kids. But the girls said that’s exactly why Lisa needs this trip — to get her mind off all the stressful stuff going on in her life.

Anyway, when it came time for Alexia’s dinner with Nicole, Marysol and Guerdy, things quickly got heated. Alexia demanded an apology from Nicole for “disrespecting” her in her own home, but Nicole’s husband chimed in and said Nicole only asked what she asked so Larsa would understand that what she said could be considered defamation of character. Alexia said she wasn’t mad at Nicole for asking the question she asked — she was mad at Nicole for going to her purse to “get your black American Express card.” Marysol said “it was so rude,” but Nicole’s husband disregarded their comments and asked Guerdy’s husband what the restaurant had for dessert.

Alexia continued anyway and told Nicole she “hasn’t owned one thing” since they’ve met (Hello?! Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?). Then, when Nicole’s husband said they’d send the lawyer some flowers and chocolates, Alexia’s husband got mad. He said Nicole’s husband was being very “condescending” and “no grown man” wants chocolates and flowers (Says who?!). Obviously, the dinner didn’t go so well, so Nicole and Alexia met privately a day or so later and really hashed things out. Nicole said she didn’t realize she had upset Alexia like she did, so she apologized. And they both said they wanted to have drama-free fun in the Bahamas, but we already know that won’t be happening.

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Source link It was a regular day for the Hollywood Life executives until one short appearance changed the entire courthouse atmosphere. Alexia, the daughter of Hollywood Life CEO and social media celebrity, decided to confront Nicole about the alleged unprofessional behavior she showed at the lawyer lunch held the other day.

The story went viral after a witness intervened and told the world what he saw that day. He revealed that Nicole, who was supposed to represent the company at the lunch, started acting up and was disrespectful to the lawyers she was supposed to work with.

The behavior was seen as unacceptable by all especially Alexia who decided to let Nicole know how unimpressed she was. It was reported that Alexia walked up to Nicole and told her that she had crossed the line and a few other choice words. The pair then started exchanging a heated argument in front of the court, with Nicole struggling to keep her temper and maintain her composure.

The incident was seen as a lesson for many, especially Nicole and the other executives, that such behavioral conduct should never be tolerated in any professional circle. It was also seen as a reminder to all of Hollywood Life’s employees that professionalism should be the priority at all times.

The entire incident was a wake-up call to all corporate entities and a reminder that professionalism is not only the behavior required for a company’s better performance but also the key to its success.

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