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And Pedro Pascal’s Hottest TV Role Is… – E! Online

Did you really think we weren’t going to pick the Red Viper as Pedro’s hottest role? You know nothing!

From the moment the Dornish Prince stepped into King’s Landing in the HBO hit’s season four premiere, he brought a frenetic, fearless and fresh energy, with Pedro describing Oberyn as “definitely punk rock” in an interview with TVLine at the time. “He’s like, ‘Live life to the fullest, suck the marrow, play hard, love hard, hate hard.”

Fans immediately became attached to the vengeance-seeking smooth-talker and the seven-episode stint “changed my life,” Pedro told GQ. Yeah, ours, too. 

Source link It seems like Hollywood and TV fans everywhere can’t get enough of actor Pedro Pascal, and we can certainly understand why. The Chilean-born actor is having a major moment right now, thanks to a number of successful projects and relationships, but there’s no denying that his role as Din Djarin in the new Star Wars television series The Mandalorian is his hottest TV role yet.

The Mandalorian, directed by Emmy-nominated director/producer Jon Favreau, tells the story of a bounty hunter (Din Djarin) and his ward, a young member of the same anthropomorphic species as Yoda. The show has been a massive hit for Disney, with the first season receiving critical and commercial acclaim.

Pascal, an Emmy nominee best known for Game of Thrones and Narcos, has certainly made his mark on the show. His stoic, intense performance has resonated with audiences and critics alike, and it’s easy to see why his character has become such a fan favorite.

There’s no doubt that Pascal’s role as Din Djarin has been a big boost to his career, and he certainly isn’t taking it for granted. He’s made a point of being deeply involved in the production of The Mandalorian, showing off his creative side by helping with the look and feel of the show.

Though Pedro Pascal has already left a lasting mark on the world of television, he’s nowhere near done. But for now, his role as Din Djarin in The Mandalorian can certainly be called his hottest yet.

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