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And Pedro Pascal’s Hottest TV Role Is…

Did you really think we weren’t going to pick the Red Viper as Pedro’s hottest role? You know nothing!

From the moment the Dornish Prince stepped into King’s Landing in the HBO hit’s season four premiere, he brought a frenetic, fearless and fresh energy, with Pedro describing Oberyn as “definitely punk rock” in an interview with TVLine at the time. “He’s like, ‘Live life to the fullest, suck the marrow, play hard, love hard, hate hard.”

Fans immediately became attached to the vengeance-seeking smooth-talker and the seven-episode stint “changed my life,” Pedro told GQ. Yeah, ours, too. 

Source link The television show “Narcos” premiered on Netflix in 2015 and has since become a hit with viewers around the world. One of the most captivating elements of the series is its lead character, the charismatic and resourceful drug lord, Pablo Escobar. But it wouldn’t be the same without his rival, the relentless DEA agent Javier Peña, played by Chilean-American actor Pedro Pascal.

Pascal is no stranger to acting, having appeared in numerous films and TV series. But it’s his role as Peña that has truly put him on the map. With his signature intensity and conviction, Pascal imbues Peña with a grim determination to bring down Escobar and his organization. His complex and intense performance has earned critical acclaim and has contributed to Narcos’ immense popularity.

Pascal’s performance has also been noted for his spot-on portrayal of the culture and language of Peña’s native Colombia. As a Chilean immigrant himself, Pascal brilliantly captures the cadence and gestures of the Colombian people, from the mundane to the passionate. Not only is Pascal’s accent perfect, but there’s also a realness to his performance that feels authentic and true.

But it’s not just Peña that Pedro Pascal brings to life. Since Narcos, Pascal has gone on to star in a variety of roles on film and television, each one different, challenging and just as engaging as any of his previous characters. From the smooth-talking high roller on “The Great Wall” to the heroic former stormtrooper in “The Mandalorian,” Pascal puts his own unique spin into any role he takes on.

From his breakout performance on Narcos to his current role in the most in-demand TV series of the moment, Pedro Pascal’s career is truly on fire. With his incredible range and ability to bring characters to life in an utterly convincing manner, it’s no wonder that Pascal is one of the hottest actors on television today.

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