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Andy Cohen Apologizes for Screaming at RHOM’s Larsa Pippen – E! Online

Conversations got heated during The Real Housewives of Miami‘s season five reunion taping—and not just between the ladies.

Host Andy Cohen took to Instagram during filming on Jan. 26 to formally apologize to cast member Larsa Pippen after causing some drama of his own.

“We’re still shooting,” Andy said in his Stories, “and I didn’t have screaming at Larsa on my bingo card today.”

Larsa chimed in from the background, “Are you going to apologize?” to which the Watch What Happens Live host replied, “I’m sorry, Larsa.”

“I don’t like screaming at women,” he continued, “I said it on the break, I don’t wanna scream at women.”

Co-star Lisa Hochstein then called Andy out, saying, “You at screamed me last year.” He once again apologized, this time for previously losing his temper with her.

While fans will have to wait to find out why Andy lost his cool with Larsa, it could have been while discussing the many rumors she brought up about her co-stars this season, like her claim Julia Lemigova was caught kissing someone who wasn’t her wife Martina Navratilova or the accusation that Dr. Nicole Martin allegedly slept with someone in her hospital (which she denies).

Source link Recently, infamous Real Housewives of Miami star Larsa Pippen has been the source of some gossip, as famed TV producer and radio host Andy Cohen recently had to apologize to her after a confrontation between the two.

On 17 July 2020, Andy Cohen hosted an interview between Pippen and fellow guest, Karent Sierra. The interview started out normally, but after Pippen denied seeing Sierra at a party that she held, Cohen apparently got angry and proceeded to scream and interject his thoughts into the conversation.

After the interview was over, Pippen tweeted to Cohen, calling him out for not allowing her to talk and for his inappropriate shouting. Cohen acknowledged his wrong-doings, writing in a tweet of his own that he apologizes for interaction that concluded the conversation and that he should have listened to her.

The awkward situation occurred during the reboot of Real Housewives of Miami, which premieres in 2021. Cohen and Pippen worked together on the first iteration of the show and had a good working relationship. Hopefully this incident can be forgotten in order for the two to continue working together and make a successful show.

Though many misunderstandings and disagreements arise in society, communication is key when it comes to resolving any issues. It is best to use words, not tones and attitudes, to express one’s feelings. In this case, Cohen was ruthless in his behavior and was sure to apologize after the fact. Hopefully, this will encourage people to think more critically about their methods of communication in the future.

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