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Anglesey: 730 jobs at 2 Sisters at risk in chicken factory closure

Poultry giant 2 Sisters says its site on Anglesey is no longer sustainable following a review.

Source link Anglesey residents have received bad news as the owners of the largest employer in the county announced plans to shut the chicken factory, forces some 730 people out of work.

2 Sisters Food Group, the Angelsy chicken factory’s owners, have stated they are to close the chicken factory by autumn next year due to high production costs and the factory’s remote location. 2 Sisters state in a statement they are having to “adapt and constantly improve” in order to remain competitive in the tough retail market.

Ynys Mon MP Albert Owen said the community has been was “let down” by the closure, which he fears will have an “immeasurable human cost”. He was due to meet with the workers and their representatives to discuss the situation and the support that the community can offer.

The local trade union Unite Wales have stated “this closure will cause devastating job losses and have a serious impact on the local economy in north Wales.’

In the wake of the shock news, Labour MP Lillian Greenwood, the Shadow Transport Secretary, has made a special visit to meet with 2 Sisters earlier this week. The visit raises the question whether there is a potential for the deal to be salvaged with government or industry assistance.

It remains to be seen what effect the closure of the factory will have on the local Angelesy economy and whether it will be able to find new employment for those who will lose their jobs.

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