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Anna Faris Is Topless In Avocados From Mexico’s Super Bowl Commercial – Hollywood Life

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Image Credit: Avocados From Mexico

There’s a lot of power inside the humble avocado. An avocado has more potassium than a banana, is a good source of essential nutrients and fiber, per CNN, and is quite delicious (per anyone who has ever enjoyed guacamole.) The avocado can also change the course of human history, as seen in the first preview of Avocados From Mexico’s commercial for Super Bowl LVII. In the teaser, Anna Faris – as Eve from the Christian Bible story – wanders around the Garden of Eden in nothing but her birthday suit. Soon, it becomes the Garden of Eatin’ when she digs into an avocado.

“Since time began,” says the off-screen narrator, “there has been one fruit that has had the power to change the world. One fruit, that can alter history, with one small bite. One fruit, with the ability to make everything better.”

(Avocados From Mexico)

Anna, 46, said it was “liberating” to pose naked for this commercial when talking to PEOPLE about the shoot. “When I realized that the wardrobe in my trailer was a tiny little thong and these jelly-like bra things, I guess they’re just nipple covers, I thought to myself, all right, this is what my beautiful day is going to look like,” she said. “I felt really proud that I’m kind of at this place in life where I could spend a lot of time feeling modest and insecure, or I just embrace it.”

(Avocados From Mexico)

Anna also said she found “security in the massive amount of hair” she wore for the shoot. “There was also a lot of other minimally dressed young, very beautiful people. And I just thought, I’m just accepting this is just rad. We’re just in the Garden of Eden, which is glorious,” she said of the shoot. “They created the most beautiful set, and we were all in it together.”

Lerma created the Avocados From Mexico spot, which Bryan Buckley directed. The commercial will help support the brand’s new 360 marketing campaign designed to celebrate how Avocados From Mexico make everything better. This includes your kitchen, as Avocados From Mexico has partnered with Pantone Color Institute to launch the Avocados From Mexico brand color.

They also created the new Avocado Glow home and kitchen accessories line for Big Game entertaining. Who wouldn’t want to watch the Big Game with an Avocado Glow throw pillow, or serve chips and guac with an Avacado Glow serving Tray? Maybe if they make an Avocado Glow bikini, Anna won’t have to go around nude?

Source link Anna Faris is going topless for Super Bowl Sunday!

The actor and comedian is the star of Avocados From Mexico’s 2020 Super Bowl Commercial, and the brand decided to go a unique route to grab viewers’ attention. With the help of Anna, the commercial is sure to be talked about this Sunday during the big game.

Anna goes topless in the ad, revealing her tan and toned torso while wearing nothing but a pair of jeans. She stands in an oversized avocado, slicing open an avocado with her bare hands and taking a look of satisfaction with each piece she cuts.

The commercial aims to highlight Avocados From Mexico’s nutritional benefits, and to increase public awareness of the many ways one can enjoy avocados. In the commercial, Anna emphasizes the importance of fresh produce and how simple it is to prepare and enjoy avocados.

In addition to being in good health, avocados can provide a tasty alternative to unhealthy snacks. Whether people choose to enjoy them plain or to dress them up with other foods, it’s clear that avocados have a lot to offer.

So, whether you decide to grab those chips or a few avocados come Super Bowl Sunday, Anna Faris wants you to know that Avocados From Mexico are a delicious and healthy snack option. Who knows – you may even gain a few abs in the process.

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