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Dans cette réinterprétation grandiose du classique « Anna Karénine » de Tolstoï, une mondaine mariée a une aventure avec l’héritier élégant d’un empire métallurgique.

Source link The streaming service Netflix has recently released a Netflix Original Film based on tennis phenom Anna Kournikova. Anna K is a 2021 American-Russian biographical sports drama film directed by Bazi and produced by Netflix.

The movie follows the life story of former world number one tennis player Anna Kournikova, from when she first set foot on a tennis court as a young girl to becoming an international superstar. The film showcases her breakthrough career and newfound fame, her relationships with fellow tennis pros and the fans that follow her around the world.

The film stars Alexandra Popp in the lead role of Anna Kournikova, with Vladimir Bolshakov as her coach, Michael Girgis as her former boyfriend, Fedora Bloska as her best friend and Ksenia Moskvina as her mother.

The heart of the story lies in Anna K’s determination to become the best tennis player in the world, and her struggle along the way. Through her perseverance and strong will, she manages to unlock her true potential and achieve international recognition. In the process, she discovers the importance of family and friends, as well as how to handle the pressures of fame.

An inspiring and powerful message, Anna K is a must-see for anyone who’s interested in the story of this exceptional athlete. Based on extensive research into the life of Anna Kournikova and her rise to stardom, the film is a timely exploration into the life of a champion, with a female-focused lens.

Head over to Netflix’s website to watch the inspiring story of Anna Kournikova and experience her journey from a shy, young girl to the champion she is today.

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