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Anya Taylor-Joy Sets Record Straight on More The Queen’s Gambit

Still, the Menu actress wasn’t as definitive when discussing the show’s future. “It would be silly of me to go, ‘There’s never going to be a second series,'” she told Elle in April 2021, “and then I’m 40, and Scott’s like, ‘Yo, how do you feel about this? You want to go back?'”

Taylor-Joy was joined by Moses Ingram, Harry Melling, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Bill Camp, Christiane Seidel, Marcin Dorociński and Marielle Heller for the seven-episode miniseries.

The one and only season of The Queen’s Gambit can currently be played on Netflix.

Source link At the start of 2021, Anya Taylor-Joy’s career skyrocketed with the global success story of Netflix’s “The Queen’s Gambit”. Despite the moniker, the show isn’t a mere chess tournament over a board. Rather, it’s a seven-episode mini-series centered on the tumultuous life of an orphan chess prodigy. Taylor-Joy’s portrayal of an unapologetically strong and determined young woman struck a chord with viewers around the world.

Despite the unprecedented success of the show, Taylor-Joy is setting the record straight on rumors surrounding the possibility of a second season. In an interview with Collider, Taylor-Joy noted that the show’s director and writer, Scott Frank, had taken this story as far as it could go. “It’s definitely not a show that is going to have multiple seasons of it. I feel quite strongly about this, and Scott particularly feels strongly about this, that we told the story that we wanted to tell in the way that we wanted to tell it,” Taylor-Joy said.

The actor continued, “Everything that happened in Beth’s life, we’ve seen it, and I think it would be a shame to stretch it out and potentially ruin the magic.” Nonetheless, Taylor-Joy expressed her willingness to reprise her role in a potential spinoff series involving supporting characters. Frank also chimed in, noting that he is still developing projects with the same production company, which could include characters from “The Queen’s Gambit”.

The ray of hope left by Taylor-Joy and Frank’s statements is enough to keep fans of the show wishing for more. Until then, audiences can continue to bask in the heartfelt and inspiring story of resilience and camaraderie that made “The Queen’s Gambit” so special.

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