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Bolstering the Safety of Self-Driving Cars With a Deep Learning-Based Object Detection System

Self-driving cars need to implement efficient, effective, and accurate detection systems to provide a safe and reliable experience to its users. To this end, an international research team has now …

Computer Vision Technology Effective at Determining Proper Mask Wearing in a Hospital Setting, Pilot Study Finds

In a survey and study of hospital employee volunteers, researchers found that a low-cost computer vision system was feasible and well …

Soft Robot Detects Damage, Heals Itself

Engineers have created a soft robot capable of detecting when and where it was damaged — and then healing itself on the …

Pulses Driven by Artificial Intelligence Tame Quantum Systems

Machine learning drives self-discovery of pulses that stabilize quantum systems in the face of environmental …

Making ‘Transport’ Robots Smarter

Imagine a team of humans and robots working together to process online orders — real-life workers strategically positioned among their automated coworkers who are moving intelligently back and forth …

A Simpler Path to Better Computer Vision

Research finds using a large collection of simple, un-curated synthetic image generation programs to pretrain a computer vision model for image classification yields greater accuracy than employing …

A Far-Sighted Approach to Machine Learning

A new technique enables artificial intelligence agents to think much farther into the future when considering how their behaviors can influence the behaviors of other AI agents, toward the completion …

Quantum Algorithms Save Time in the Calculation of Electron Dynamics

Quantum computers promise significantly shorter computing times for complex problems. But there are still only a few quantum computers worldwide with a limited number of so-called qubits. However, …

Self-Organization: What Robotics Can Learn from Amoebae

Researchers have developed a new model to describe how biological or technical systems form complex structures without external …

Artificial Neural Networks Learn Better When They Spend Time Not Learning at All

Researchers discuss how mimicking sleep patterns of the human brain in artificial neural networks may help mitigate the threat of catastrophic forgetting in the latter, boosting their utility across …

‘Butterfly Bot’ Is Fastest Swimming Soft Robot Yet

Inspired by the biomechanics of the manta ray, researchers have developed an energy-efficient soft robot that can swim more than four times faster than previous swimming soft robots. The robots are …

Shock to the System: Using Electricity to Find Materials That Can ‘Learn’

Researchers used electrical pulses to watch nickel oxide undergo two responses, habituation and sensitization, bolstering the case for brain-inspired …

A Low-Cost Robot Ready for Any Obstacle

Researchers have designed a robotic system that enables a low-cost and relatively small legged robot to climb and descend stairs nearly its height; traverse rocky, slippery, uneven, steep and varied …

Next Generation Material That Adapts to Its History

Inspired by living systems, researchers have developed a new material that changes its electrical behavior based on previous experience, effectively giving it a basic form of adaptive memory. Such …

Mimicking Life: Breakthrough in Non-Living Materials

Researchers have discovered a new process that uses fuel to control non-living materials, similar to what living cells do. The reaction cycle can easily be applied to a wide range of materials and …

Robots Are Taking Over Jobs, but Not at the Rate You Might Think

There’s no need to panic about a pending robot takeover just yet. Only 14% of workers say they’ve seen their job replaced by a robot. But those who have experienced job displacement due to …

Researchers Encourage Retailers to Embrace AI to Better Service Customers

Researchers have identified new ways for retailers to use Artificial Intelligence in concert with in-store cameras to better service consumer behavior and tailor store layouts to maximize …

In the Latest Human Vs. Machine Match, Artificial Intelligence Wins by a Hair

A protein scientist, who competed against a computer program, says machine learning will advance …

Tracking Trust in Human-Robot Work Interactions

Using functional near-infrared spectroscopy, a lab has captured functional brain activity as humans collaborated with robots on a manufacturing …

Machine Learning, from You

Many computer systems people interact with on a daily basis require knowledge about certain aspects of the world, or models, to work. These systems have to be trained, often needing to learn to …

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Source link ScienceDaily recently released an article covering the latest news on Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is becoming increasingly popular, as it is changing the way we interact with technology. This article gives a comprehensive overview of the new advancements in AI and provides readers with up-to-date information on this rapidly developing field.

The article states that AI has been integrated into many aspects of our daily lives, from our phones and computers to self-driving cars. AI has the potential to revolutionize our world, enhancing the quality of life and creating jobs in both the public and private sectors.

AI is able to analyze complex data and make accurate predictions and decisions, enabling it to be applied in a wide variety of industries, including finance, healthcare, and transportation. AI is also being used to create new products and services, with more application coming in the future.

The article also discusses how experts are pushing the boundaries of AI research by developing more advanced algorithms and exploring different ways to use AI, such as natural language processing and machine learning. These advancements could potentially lead to a wide range of new applications and breakthroughs in the field.

In conclusion, the article from ScienceDaily does an excellent job of providing readers with a comprehensive overview of the latest news on Artificial Intelligence. It highlights the increasing relevance of AI and its potential to revolutionize our world. Moreover, it shows how AI researchers are pushing the boundaries of the field and exploring new applications for AI. As such, this is an article worth reading for anyone interested in the exciting potential of AI.

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