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Ashton Kutcher Addresses Danny Masterson Rape Allegations – E! Online

Ashton Kutcher is speaking out about former co-star Danny Masterson‘s rape allegations for the first time.

Masterson—who co-starred alongside Kutcher in That ‘70s Show and Netflix’s The Ranch—was arrested and charged in 2020 for three counts of rape by force or fear with three separate women, Kutcher is sharing his perspective on the actor’s legal troubles.

“I wholesale feel for anybody who feels like they were violated in any way,” he told Esquire in an article published Jan. 31, adding that he wants Masterson “to be found innocent of the charges brought against him.”

However, the 44-year-old—who also reflected on their time working together, noting Masterson was a mentor during his early years in Hollywood—explained that the ultimate answer isn’t so simple.

“Ultimately, I can’t know,” Kutcher continued. “I’m not the judge. I’m not the jury. I’m not the DA. I’m not the victim. And I’m not the accused. And so, in that case, I don’t have a space to comment.” After pausing, as the outlet noted, he added, “I just don’t know.”

Source link Today, Ashton Kutcher took to Instagram to address the on-going sexual assault investigation involving former “That 70s Show” co-star, Danny Masterson. Kutcher has been open about his feelings concerning the situation and posted a statement to his Instagram page in which he outlines his beliefs and stances on the matter.

Kutcher begins his post by expressing his regrets about the pain that the victims must have suffered and amplifying their voices. He then goes on to say that although he does not have the capacity to speak about the investigation itself, he does believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to defend themselves against the allegations. Kutcher expresses his view that justice should be served but not in a way that disregards the privacy and safety of the victims.

Kutcher has been vocal since the allegations against Masterson were made public and has used his platform to support and stand in solidarity with the victims and survivors of sexual assault. In his post, he acknowledges the gravity of Masterson’s alleged actions, noting that rape and sexual assault are serious and inexcusable crimes that should not be tolerated. He also goes on to say that the victims should not be utilized as weapons in the press or on social media to gain publicity.

According to Kutcher’s post, he had no knowledge of the criminal allegations when he acted opposite Masterson in the show, but he does not make light of the investigations which could prove to be true. Kutcher ends his post by stating that he has full faith in the criminal justice system and wishes for a just outcome for the victims and Masterson.

Kutcher’s statement is a welcomed one, appearing compassionate and understanding yet holding a sense of justice without bias. His voice and his statement have shown that respect should be shown to all parties involved and that no one should be made to feel guilty of a crime before being proven so.

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