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Ashton Kutcher Recalls “Really Painful” Demi Moore Miscarriage

Following the miscarriage, Demi and Ashton tried in-vitro fertilization (IVF) for several years after without success.

And looking back, the No Strings Attached actor—who now shares daughter Wyatt, 8 and son, Dimitri, 6 with wife Mila Kunis—confessed he would have loved to have a child with Demi.

“I love kids,” he continued. “I wouldn’t have gotten married to a woman that had three kids if I didn’t love kids. The idea of having another kid would have been incredible.”

Ashton noted that he has adopted the mentality that, “for whatever reason, I had to have that experience.”

Ultimately, the pair separated in 2011 and finalized their divorce two years later. As he recalls, the highly-publicized split left an impact on the Your Place or Mine star.

“Nothing makes you feel like a failure like divorce,” Ashton added. “Divorce feels like a wholesale f–king failure. You failed at marriage.”

Demi, 60, previously opened up about miscarrying at six months when she and Ashton were dating, in her 2019 memoir, Inside Out. According to The New York Times, she was pregnant with a baby girl and chose the name Chaplin Ray. In the book, she also reflected on her state of mind during the divorce from Ashton.

“Part of my life was clearly unraveling,” the Half Light told the outlet at the time. “I had no career. No relationship.”

Source link Actor Ashton Kutcher delivered an emotional and candid speech while receiving the Hayman Renaissance Award to benefit the Scleroderma Research Foundation this Wednesday.

In his speech, Kutcher opened up about a difficult moment in his personal life: his ex-wife Demi Moore suffered a miscarriage during their nearly seven-year marriage.

“The toughest moment was during the Miscarriage with our child,” Kutcher said. “It felt like every hour was a year, and every day was a lifetime. It was the most painful thing that either of us had ever experienced.” Kutcher added that he was proud that the couple made it through the “really painful” ordeal together.

Kutcher received the award for his work supporting research and promoting awareness for scleroderma, a chronic autoimmune disorder commonly found in women of childbearing age—and the rare disease that affected Moore’s sister.

His passionate speech brought attention to important issues concerning the research and support of those affected by the serious medical condition.

Kutcher and Moore got married in 2005, but they split in 2011—nine years before the singer-songwriter Pete Cashmore took over as husband.

Kutcher concluded his speech by highlighting the vital role that scleroderma research and advocacy play in raising awareness and supporting future generations.

He ended his speech on a positive reflection: “What we went through was really painfully difficult for the two of us, and for the people that were trying to navigate the relationship. It taught us a lot about ourselves, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.”

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