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‘Bike Boxes’ Can Improve Urban Intersections for Cyclists, Oregon State Research Shows

A roadway setup known as the ‘bike box,’ a painted-off area for bicyclists at the front of an intersection, can help them stay safe at urban, signalized intersections, research …

Automated System to Detect Compressed Air Leaks on Trains

Researchers have developed a proof-of-concept system to autonomously detect compressed air leaks on trains and relay the location of the leaks to mechanical personnel for repair. The automated system …

Can Your Phone Tell If a Bridge Is in Good Shape?

Researchers find data collected by mobile phones could be used to evaluate the structural integrity of …

Laser Attack Blinds Autonomous Vehicles, Deleting Pedestrians and Confusing Cars

Scientists developed the first-ever attack that creates a blind spot for lidar sensors steering autonomous vehicles, showing they can completely delete a moving pedestrian from the field of …

Factors Influencing Bike Share Among Underserved Populations: Evidence from Three US Cities

There is evidence that lower-income and people of color (POC) in the U.S. do not use bike share as much as higher-income and white people. Using data from residents living near bike share stations in …

Keeping Electricity Affordable on Wireless Charging Highways

Efficient pricing will be crucial to minimize energy costs for private operators who provide on-the-highway wireless charging for electric cars — and for consumers who will use this service, …

New Motorcycle Lighting Design Could Save Lives

Motorcycle drivers are 27 times more likely to die in an accident than those in regular passenger vehicles. Night driving is especially dangerous, accounting for nearly half of all fatal …

New Approach Would Improve User Access to Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Researchers have developed a dynamic computational tool to help improve user access to electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, with the goal of making EVs more attractive for …

Battery Tech Breakthrough Paves Way for Mass Adoption of Affordable Electric Car

A breakthrough in electric vehicle battery design has enabled a 10-minute charge time for a typical EV battery. This is a record-breaking combination of a shorter charge time and more energy acquired …

Would Traffic Noise from Future Flying Cars Cause Stress?

Study shows that not only are loud vehicles flying overhead a cause of noise pollution-related stress, the effect of that stress remains on the body even after noise levels have …

Number of Children Hospitalized for E-Scooter Injuries Surge from 2011-2020

Standing electric scooters, commonly referred to as e-scooters, have been increasing in popularity across the country over the past decade. According to a new research, e-scooter injuries are …

Game Changers in Fighting Climate Change: Refuels Are Suitable for Everyday Use

Synthetic fuels produced from renewable sources, so-called refuels, are deemed potential game changers in fighting climate change. Refuels promise to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90% compared to …

Driving High? Chemists Make Strides Toward a Marijuana Breath Analyzer

Chemists have developed a fuel cell sensor that they hope to develop into a handheld analyzer to detect THC on a person’s breath. When THC is introduced into their laboratory-scale device it …

More Reasons to Go Solar When Gearing Up for a Greener Drive

With electric vehicles sales soaring worldwide, potential buyers are not just weighing up the price tag, but also the logistics and expense of charging the planet-friendly cars. A new study shows …

Can Eyes on Self-Driving Cars Reduce Accidents?

Robotic eyes on autonomous vehicles could improve pedestrian safety, according to a new study. Participants played out scenarios in virtual reality (VR) and had to decide whether to cross a road in …

High-Accuracy Electric Vehicle Battery Monitoring With Diamond Quantum Sensors for Driving Range Extension

The issue of battery usage inefficiency in electric vehicles resulting from an inaccurate battery charge measurement may finally get resolved, thanks to a diamond quantum sensor prototype. The sensor …

Analysis Challenges U.S. Postal Service Electric Vehicle Environmental Study

A new study finds that making the switch to all-electric mail-delivery vehicles would lead to far greater reductions in greenhouse gas emissions than previously estimated by the …

Making Bike-Sharing Work

Bike-sharing is a way for cities to cut their greenhouse gas emissions while limiting urban congestion. But bikes have to be available when and where people want them. A new approach can help by …

Helping Autonomous Vehicles Navigate Tricky Highway Merges

If autonomous vehicles are ever going to achieve widespread adoption, we need to know they are capable of navigating complex traffic situations, such as merging into heavy traffic when lanes …

Machine Learning Algorithm Predicts How to Get the Most out of Electric Vehicle Batteries

Researchers have developed a machine learning algorithm that could help reduce charging times and prolong battery life in electric vehicles by predicting how different driving patterns affect battery …

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For years, automotive and transportation industries have been rapidly advancing. Automotive and Transportation News- ScienceDaily offers readers a detailed look into the technology and processes that are making these advances possible. Through this publication, readers can learn about the latest advances being made in industries such as autonomous vehicles, electric and connected vehicles, 5G automotive, and much more.

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