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Behavioral Science News — ScienceDaily

Aware or Not Aware: You Are Affected by Food Cues Either Way

A research team has revealed a difference in neural activity in response to visual food stimuli, depending on whether those stimuli are presented consciously or unconsciously. Using a questionnaire …

Cognitively Impaired Degu Is a Natural Animal Model Well Suited for Alzheimer’s Research

A new study reveals that a long-lived Chilean rodent, called Octodon degus (degu), is a useful and practical model of natural sporadic Alzheimer’s …

Swimming Habits of Gelatinous Animals Are Inspiring Underwater Vehicle Design

Multi-jet propulsion lets a jellyfish-like marine animal switch between speed and …

Green Means GO! Ultra-Violet Means STOP!

A research group has revealed a new system that allows them to control the behavior of the nematode worm Caenorhabditis elegans, using two different animal opsins, a type of light-sensitive protein. …

Ancient Superpredator Got Big by Front-Loading Its Growth in Its Youth

Whatcheeria, a six-foot-long salamander-like creature that lived 340 million years ago, was the T. rex of its time: the biggest, baddest predator in its habitat. A new study reveals how they grew to …

Adventurous Bird Personalities Can Help Population Cope With Climate Change

The areas in the Wadden Sea where red knots, plump migratory birds, spend the winter are under pressure. The Wadden Sea is changing due to human influences such as mining for gas, tourism and due to …

Wild Primate Study Ties Importance of Social Environment to Molecular Markers of Age in the Brain

A research team has demonstrated that, in a population of macaque monkeys, females with a higher social status had younger, more resilient molecular profiles, providing a key link between the social …

Gene That Guides Earliest Social Behaviors Could Be Key to Understanding Autism

A new animal study points to a gene that is important for the earliest development of basic social behaviors. The work also suggests that exposure to certain drugs and environmental risk factors …

Evidence for Intentional Communication in Female Putty-Nosed Monkeys

Female putty-nosed monkeys deliberately use alarm calls to recruit males to defend the group. This is the conclusion reached by evolutionary biologists after conducting observations in the Republic …

Flight of Birds Can Help Provide Predictions on Turbulence

A new study has shown how the flight of birds can offer a meteorological insight into fine scale environmental …

Scientists Find New Variations Among Sperm Cells

The behavior of sperm cells is due, in part, to the individual DNA make-up of these cells, rather than only to the genetics of males. The results, which provide a new understanding of the competition …

The Hunt for Disrupted Brain Signals Behind Autism

Part of understanding the underlying causes of autism spectrum disorder relies on figuring out which cells’ signaling patterns in the brain are disrupted, and when during nervous system …

Grass Puffer Fish Communicate With Each Other Using a Non-Toxic Version of Their Deadly Toxin

A new study finds that puffer fish use non-toxic analogs of their famous defense poison for signalling and communication through smell, with implications for the study of their spawning and …

Rats Bop to the Beat

Accurately moving to a musical beat was thought to be a skill innately unique to humans. However, new research now shows that rats also have this ability. The optimal tempo for nodding along was …

What Makes Mice — But Not Rats — Fat? Suppressing Neuromedin U, Study Finds

Neuromedin U (NMU) is a hormone that suppresses appetite and affects energy metabolism and obesity patterns. Mice lacking NMU tend to become obese due to overeating, making NMU an ideal candidate for …

Octopuses Caught on Video Throwing Silt and Shells Around Themselves and at Each Other

Octopuses appear to deliberately throw debris, sometimes directed at other octopuses, according to a new …

How Does a Skeleton Move?

How can we measure a skeleton’s motion in a furry animal as it moves through its environment? Researchers have developed a new method to quantify skeletal motion in freely moving rodents in a …

Pig Aggression Reduced When a Bystander Pig Steps In, Study Finds

A small study suggests that when two pigs are fighting, a bystander pig can intervene to either reduce the number of attacks by the aggressor or to help reduce the anxiety of the …

How Female False Widow Spiders Use Their ‘Spidey Senses’ to Attract Mates

When it comes to spider love, female widow spiders hold the key to attracting mates, potentially adjusting their web’s attractiveness to lure males, according to new research. A study led by …

Diet High in Saturated Fat Can Reprogram Immune Cells in Mice

A new study shows that eating a diet exclusively high in saturated fats can reprogram the mouse immune system, making it better able to fight off infection but more susceptible to systemic …

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Source link Behavioral sciences are a rapidly expanding field of research, and ScienceDaily has recently launched a new section dedicated to delivering the latest news and updates to its readers. With a focus on human behavior, this new forum offers a unique portal for deep insights and understanding into our social, emotional and cognitive capacities.

ScienceDaily’s news articles are written and edited by experts in the field, offering the latest research and findings in the fields of psychology, neuroscience, biology, and cognitive sciences. Articles range from interviews with leading researchers to summary reports on their latest breakthroughs and strategies for applying their discoveries to everyday life.

With new advancements in cognitive and neural development, researchers now have surprising new perspectives into human behavior. Topics such as social development, emotional intelligence, child development and addiction are just a few of the fields currently being explored, with results that offer us a better understanding of our shared humanity.

The history and content of behavioral sciences is vast and complex, and the potential to build on the foundations of existing theory and research is significant. ScienceDaily’s commitment to providing quality news articles helps bridge the gap between research and application, merging the latest findings with practical advice and useful tips.

For anyone currently researching, studying or just interested in the field of behavioral sciences, ScienceDaily’s Behavioral Science News has much to offer. With fresh perspectives, new trends and the exciting potential for revolutionary thought, the Behavioral Science News section makes for an insightful and inspiring read.

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