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Below Deck Adventure Preview Teases a Crew Member Quitting

“Maybe I’m coming to the end of my yachting experience because this sure as hell doesn’t bring me joy anymore,” she states. “And my rule, ‘If it’s not a f–k yes, it’s a hell no. If it doesn’t bring you joy, don’t do it anymore.’ Like, it’s made it very apparent to me that this is not where I need to be.”

And though Captain Kerry encourages her to move on and “just f–king grind,” Jessica tells him, “We can’t do anything else,” and ends the preview by noting that she’s “just over it.”

Check out the full sneak peek above.

Below Deck Adventure airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo. Catch up on past episodes streaming now on Peacock.

(E!, Bravo and Peacock are all part of the NBCUniversal family.)

Source link The hit Bravo show ‘Below Deck’ is back for the seventh season and it looks even more wild than ever. Fans of the reality series can get a taste of what’s to come in the official preview for the upcoming season, which teases a dramatic shift as one crew member quits in a surprising twist.

The teaser clip features the show’s lead and chief stew Kate Chastain introducing the crew to a group of passengers for a luxurious sailing charter in the Caribbean. As with all seasons of the show, the crew is pressed to provide the guests with a top quality service and experiences amidst a host of hijinks and drama.

Despite the usual chaos, this season appears to take a dramatic turn when one of the crew members quits in their very first night of the charter. As Chastain expresses shock, Captain Lee Rosbach warns the remaining crew members not to let the departure throw them off their game.

It remains to be seen exactly who the crew member is and what exactly causes them to quit. Still, the teaser promises a season of drama, fun and high stakes that viewers have come to expect from one of the most popular reality shows on TV.

The seventh season of ‘Below Deck’ debuts on October 7, 2020 on Bravo! Be sure to tune in for the adventures of our crew as they strive to provide their charters with the best experiences ever, all while experiencing plenty of drama of their own.

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