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Black Holes News — ScienceDaily

Astronomers Capitalize on Early Access to James Webb Space Telescope Data

First in line to receive data transmissions from the James Webb Space Telescope, a team of astronomers is using the unprecedentedly clear observations to reveal the secret inner workings of …

Black Holes Don’t Always Power Gamma-Ray Bursts, New Research Shows

Space scientists may need to rethink how gamma-ray bursts are formed after new research shows new-born supramassive stars, not black holes, are sometimes responsible for these huge extragalactic …

Death of a Star Reveals Midsize Black Hole Lurking in a Dwarf Galaxy

An intermediate-mass black hole lurking undetected in a dwarf galaxy revealed itself to astronomers when it gobbled up an unlucky star that strayed too close. The shredding of the star, known as a …

Astronomers Discover Closest Black Hole to Earth

Astronomers have discovered the closest-known black hole to Earth. This is the first unambiguous detection of a dormant stellar-mass black hole in the Milky Way. Its close proximity to Earth, a mere …

Polarized X-Rays Reveal Shape, Orientation of Extremely Hot Matter Around Black Hole

The first observations of a mass-accreting black hole from the Imaging X-Ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE) mission reveal new details about the configuration of extremely hot matter in the region …

Uncovering the Massive Quantum Mysteries of Black Holes

Bizarre quantum properties of black holes — including their mind-bending ability to have different masses simultaneously — have been confirmed by …

NASA’s Swift, Fermi Missions Detect Exceptional Cosmic Blast

Astronomers around the world are captivated by an unusually bright and long-lasting pulse of high-energy radiation that swept over Earth Sunday, Oct. 9. The emission came from a gamma-ray burst (GRB) …

‘Wobbling Black Hole’ Most Extreme Example Ever Detected

Researchers have identified a peculiar twisting motion in the orbits of two colliding black holes, an exotic phenomenon predicted by Einstein’s theory of gravity. Their study reports that this …

Black Hole Spews out Material Years After Shredding Star

Astronomers have observed a black hole burping up stellar remains years after it shredded and consumed the …

Black Hole Discovered Firing Jets at Neighboring Galaxy

A team of astronomers has discovered a unique black hole spewing a fiery jet at another galaxy. The black hole is hosted by a galaxy around one billion light years away from Earth named …

Milky Way’s Graveyard of Dead Stars Found

The first map of the ‘galactic underworld’ — a chart of the corpses of once massive suns that have since collapsed into black holes and neutron stars — has revealed a graveyard that …

X-Shaped Radio Galaxies Might Form More Simply Than Expected

Using new simulations, astrophysicists implemented simple conditions to model the feeding of a supermassive black hole and the organic formation of its jets and accretion disk. When the researchers …

ESO Telescope Images a Spectacular Cosmic Dance

ESO’s Very Large Telescope (VLT) has imaged the result of a spectacular cosmic collision — the galaxy NGC 7727. This giant was born from the merger of two galaxies, an event that started around …

Black Hole Collisions Could Help Us Measure How Fast the Universe Is Expanding

Astrophysicists have laid out a method for how to use pairs of colliding black holes to measure how fast our universe is expanding — and thus help illuminate how the universe evolved, what it is …

Ready for Its Close-Up: New Technology Sharpens Images of Black Holes

Using new computational algorithms, scientists have measured a sharp ring of light predicted to originate from photons whipping around the back of a supermassive black …

First Stars and Black Holes

Just milliseconds after the universe’s Big Bang, chaos reigned. Atomic nuclei fused and broke apart in hot, frenzied motion. Incredibly strong pressure waves built up and squeezed matter so …

Space Study Offers Clearest Understanding Yet of the Life Cycle of Supermassive Black Holes

Supermassive black holes with varying light signatures are actually in different stages of the life …

‘Black Hole Police’ Discover a Dormant Black Hole Outside Our Galaxy

A team of international experts, renowned for debunking several black hole discoveries, have found a stellar-mass black hole in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a neighbor galaxy to our own. The …

The Ultimate Fate of a Star Shredded by a Black Hole

In 2019, astronomers observed the nearest example to date of a star that was shredded, or ‘spaghettified,’ after approaching too close to a massive black hole. That tidal disruption of a …

8000 Kilometers Per Second: Star With the Shortest Orbital Period Around Black Hole Discovered

A newly discovered star only takes four years to travel around the black hole at the center of our …

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Source link Black Holes, a phenomena which has long been considered to be fascinating but mysterious, has recently been the subject of some exciting news. According to ScienceDaily, black holes may be far more fascinating and complex than previously thought.

Recent research from a team of international astronomers has been examining the correlation between black holes and their rotation. Using data from both NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and the Very Large Array (VLA) of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, they have determined that large, supermassive black holes not only spin but also rapidly change direction.

This means that in addition to the tremendous gravitational force black holes carry, they may also be able to influence the galaxies they inhabit. When black holes spin, they are believed to be able to release vast amounts of energy. This can affect everything from the birth of stars to the movement of gas in galaxies.

This research gives us a greater understanding of the influence black holes open up to science and the universe in general. In addition to finding more about black holes, astronomers are also hopeful that this work can provide evidence to help explain everything from dark energy to reformation of the universe.

As research continues, black holes become even more compelling and complex. It’s exciting to consider the possibilities of what still remains to be discovered. With the new discoveries and advancements being made in this field, it is possible that the mysteries of black holes may someday finally be revealed.

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