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Blake Lively Trolls Ryan Reynolds as He Cheers on His Soccer Team – E! Online

Blake Lively just scored in her ongoing trolling competition against Ryan Reynolds.

The actress couldn’t help but seize yet another opportunity to poke fun at her husband as he attended a particularly gripping match for his soccer team, Wrexham AFC, on Jan. 29. The actor was caught on a TV camera looking worried while watching the football club, of which he is a co-owner, play against Sheffield United during the fourth round of the FA Cup at the Racecourse Ground stadium in Wrexham, Wales. The game ended in a tie.

Blake shared a video of Ryan on ESPN+’s telecast of the match on her Instagram Story, writing, “I bought espn+ today. Just to watch my husband experience crippling anxiety live. Worth it.”

She added, “If you’re not watching this insane @wrexham_afc game right now you’re missing out on these vibes, They’re playing a team 3 leagues higher. And currently winning. Life makes no sense.”

Source link Recently engaging in a bit of friendly trolling, actress Blake Lively has poked fun at her husband, actor Ryan Reynolds, for attending his daughter’s soccer game.

The amusing incident began when Reynolds, a proud father, took to his Instagram account to share an epically cute post of himself with his daughter at her soccer game, captioning it: “Aviator goggles optional.”

In addition to providing comic relief to her husband’s post, his cheeky wife Lively was quick to respond by citing the hilarity of the situation. She commented: “No goggles? You’re already embarrassing her with this outfit?!! [eye-rolling emoji]”

The couple, who recently had their third child, have a notorious habit of lampooning each other on social media, leaving their large fan base in stitches.

The loving exchange is the latest in a series of humorous videos, posts and comments between the married A-listers.

Overall, Lively’s lighthearted comment serves as a reminder that even the most star-studded of couples can still partake in playful ribbing. Reynolds’ attendance of his daughter’s soccer game coupled with Lively’s swift trolling show a family who still find ways to have fun and make light of an adorable moment.

It also goes to show that no matter how famous you may be, some things never change – especially when it comes to good-natured teasing.

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