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Au milieu du 19e siècle dans le sud de l’Italie, une femme en cavale passe d’épouse dévouée à chef impitoyable d’un groupe de brigands.

Source link Recently, the streaming giant Netflix has released a new original series titled Briganti. Based on true events and stories, the series follows a group of rural Italian teens and their exciting summer as they navigate their coming-of-age story and search for freedom at all costs. The teens, who play a game of “chance” by day and plan their dream lives when they’re alone, are set to discover many truths about themselves and the reality of their world as summer comes to an end. The series offers an exciting and unique perspective on young adulthood and identity, as the teens grapple with their identity, identities, and relationships.

The series stars a vibrant cast of young adults from both Italy and the United Kingdom, and features an engaging soundtrack with a vibrant mix of indie-pop and classic Italian sounds. Each of the characters is brought together by the search for freedom – and the ever-changing friendship between them. The series also offers a unique insight into young adults in rural Italy. From the beautiful scenery of the Italian countryside, to the cities of Italy, Briganti takes viewers to different places, and is a great way to gain a better understanding of Italian culture.

In Briganti, viewers follow the lives of the young adults with varying personalities, discovering their individual paths, as well as their shared experiences. Briganti is a great way to gain an understanding of young adult life, especially the struggles and successes faced in rural Italy today. Briganti is available now on Netflix, and provides an insight into Italian culture, as well as a unique reflection of teen life in today’s society. Fans of Netflix’s original content can look forward to discovering new stories, cultures and characters in this gripping series.

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