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Camila Mendes Reveals Why Her New Relationship Is Unlike Any Other – E! Online

Camila Mendes has found the perfect date.

The Riverdale star recently confirmed that she’s been in a relationship for “a few months” now, though she did not explicitly name her special someone.

“I am still in the honeymoon, but it’s one of those situations where I feel like, and I’m really trying to temper myself here,” she told the Going Mental podcast in a Jan. 26 episode. “I don’t wanna like speak above and beyond, but I feel like I’ve known him my whole life, and that’s something I actually have never felt before.”

Camila described the romance as “new-new as of like June,” which comes around the time the Do Revenge star posted a TikTok clarifying her relationship status as single.

In November, however, Camila sparked romance rumors when she posted a poolside Instagram photo of her and an unidentified man sharing a kiss. She captioned the Nov. 8 slideshow, “life update.”

Source link Camila Mendes recently opened up to Shape magazine about why her new relationship is unlike any other. Mendes, who recently started dating her Riverdale co-star Victor Houston, shared why she believes their relationship is different.

“I think because it is the first time that I have been in a relationship where I am really allowed to be 100 percent myself,” Mendes told Shape. “This is the first relationship I’ve been where I feel like we really make each other better, where I feel Like I can be the most authentically me.”

The couple, who started dating in the summer of 2019, has been praised for their closeness and chemistry. Mendes elaborated on how she and Houston work together to create a healthy relationship.

“ I think having a partner there to kind of work through a lot of your stuff, having someone to process your emotions with can be really healing,” she said.

The Riverdale star has been thoughtful in protecting her relationship, rarely speaking publicly about it. With Houston, Mendes feels comfortable taking the privacy of their relationship seriously.

“This is the first relationship I’ve ever been where I feel like my privacy can actually be respected,” she said.

Mendes shared that the support of her castmates and friends has been crucial in helping her stay on track and keep her head above water.

“I think having the support of friends and castmates is such a blessing.” Mendes said, “The relationships I’ve formed with my Riverdale family have been so strong and so personal that it has kept me grounded and kept me sane.”

Although Mendes is still getting to know her beau, she’s confident in their relationship and finding ways to build on it.

“I think it takes work, and you have to keep talking and keep being vulnerable, but it’s worth it,” Mendes said, “I think it’s really exciting to experience something new, something fresh and something where I can just feel really authentically me.”

It’s clear Mendes has had a positive experience with her new relationship and is determined to keep it going. We can’t wait to see more from this couple!

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