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Camila Mendes Reveals Why Her New Relationship Is Unlike Any Other

Camila Mendes has found the perfect date.

The Riverdale star recently confirmed that she’s been in a relationship for “a few months” now, though she did not explicitly name her special someone.

“I am still in the honeymoon, but it’s one of those situations where I feel like, and I’m really trying to temper myself here,” she told the Going Mental podcast in a Jan. 26 episode. “I don’t wanna like speak above and beyond, but I feel like I’ve known him my whole life, and that’s something I actually have never felt before.”

Camila described the romance as “new-new as of like June,” which comes around the time the Do Revenge star posted a TikTok clarifying her relationship status as single.

In November, however, Camila sparked romance rumors when she posted a poolside Instagram photo of her and an unidentified man sharing a kiss. She captioned the Nov. 8 slideshow, “life update.”

Source link On Monday, during her appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Riverdale star Camila Mendes revealed how her new relationship is unlike any other she has had in the past.

Mendes, 25, opened up about her boyfriend Grayson Vaughan, an artist, saying that the two of them connect on a spiritual and intellectual level unlike any other relationship she has ever experienced.

“He’s a special, special person. We have a very sacred relationship,” she said.

Mendes added that her and Vaughan’s relationship involves a lot of trust and communication. “We talk all the time,” she said, adding that she felt feelings that she had never experienced before and that their conversations never become boring, no matter how long they talk.

The Riverdale star also credited the relationship as a positive difference in her life, saying that it is helping her through tough times.

“Right now is a difficult time and I feel so lucky to have someone who can understand,” Mendes said. “He is there for me, supporting me, and really just inspiring me.”

Mendes’s relationship has been made public after photos of her and Vaughan surfaced in August of last year. The couple has since been seen spending time together in Mendes’s native Florida and in NYC.

Even though Mendes had never really publicly judged her relationships before, it seems like this one is really special for her.

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