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Category:All articles lacking sources – Wikipedia

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This category includes all pages marked as needing references by {{Unreferenced}}.
Because of its size, users may prefer to work with Category:Articles lacking sources, which subdivides reference requests based on when they were requested. The oldest is currently Category:Articles lacking sources from March 2007.
This category exists primarily as an aid to bots and other automated processes. However you can click the button below if you like.

  • Please help improve an article in this category by adding references to reliable sources that verify content within the article. Once reliable source references have been added the unreferenced tag can be removed.

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Wikipedia is an open-source, collaborative encyclopedia project supported by the Wikimedia Foundation. As of 2021, it has more than 58 million articles in nearly 300 languages. Every article on Wikipedia is written by volunteers and can be edited, improved, or expanded by anyone.

One of the policies of Wikipedia is to cite all sources used in articles. Without reliable documented sources, Wikipedia articles cannot guarantee accuracy or provide essential context. As a result, Wikipedia has a category for articles that lack sources, referred to as ‘Category:All Articles Lacking Sources’.

This category is composed of approximately 337,000 articles which need to be verified for accuracy by providing documented and reliable sources. On clicking the page, users can access a directory of different topics covered by articles in this category. Each article can be further classified according to Wikipedia’s Editorial Style Guide.

If users have time and knowledge to contribute to Wikipedia, they can take part in editing and citing sources to verify the accuracy of articles. They can also suggest new sources that can help bolster an article’s credibility. Editors should be aware that they are accountable for their contributions to Wikipedia, so they should make sure that all the sources they use are trustworthy and credible.

In future, the Wikimedia Foundation hopes to reduce the number of articles that lack sources and improve the overall quality of its entries. This will help in establishing Wikipedia as a preferred source of knowledge for users around the world.

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