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Source link The article “Category: Articles with BNF identifiers – Wikipedia” informs readers about BNF identifiers. BNF, or bibliographic record number, is an identifier created by the British Library that is used to identify bibliographic information items. The BNF identifier is used to create a unique reference number for each item of bibliographic information. This makes it easier for libraries and other information providers to access and reference items.

The Wikipedia category “Articles with BNF identifiers” allows readers to easily find articles that contain BNF identifiers. The category includes articles which were given a BNF identifier or have referenced another article that was assigned a BNF identifier. For example, if a reader searching for an article is looking for a specific book, they can use the BNF identifier to identify the item.

The BNF identifier can also be useful for linking to other sources of information, such as catalogues and indexes. Additionally, the BNF identifier can be used to search for books, as well as articles and other resources.

By using a BNF identifier, readers can quickly and easily access bibliographic information and find the resources they need. The Wikipedia category “Articles with BNF identifiers” facilitates this process by providing access to articles which are tagged with a BNF identifier. It is an invaluable resource for readers who are looking for specific information.

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