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Source link The Wikipedia category Articles with GND identifiers is a categorization of Wikipedia pages that utilize a unique, single standardized global identifier within their content. It is based on the Identifiers for the Processes of Cultural Resource Management (GND) scheme, which is a part of the FORCE11 scheme developed by the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA).

The GND identifiers were originally designed as a way to effectively interlink the various cultural artifacts and pieces of data that are recorded in databases and archives around the world, so that the related pieces of information can be easily found and retrieved. This includes different forms of art, music, literature, and the sciences.

The GND identifiers are a series of symbols, letters, and numbers that are assigned to each record, allowing it to be easily identified and linked to other records it has a relationship with. For example, a song would have its own GND identifier, and any related musicians, albums, and other information about the song would also have a GND identifier of its own.

The process of assigning the GND identifiers to Wikipedia pages is relatively straightforward. First, the page is identified and then the Wikidata item is linked to the page by adding a new field containing the GND identifier. The GND identifiers can be found by searching the GND database, or in the article itself.

By assigning GND identifiers to Wikipedia pages, it allows for more effective search and retrieval of information. As the GND identifiers are based on a single unified schema, they make it easier to cross-reference and compare data across multiple formats such as images, text, and audio. For example, if someone wanted to compare the lyrics of two different songs, by using the GND identifiers it is easier to point the comparison to the exact data point the researchers require.

Ultimately, the addition of GND identifiers to Wikipedia pages helps to create a more comprehensive online resource for accessing data, allowing for more accurate and efficient searches.

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