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This category is for articles with short descriptions defined on Wikipedia by {{short description}} (either within the page itself or via another template).


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Source link The Wikipedia page for “Articles with Short Description” consists of a comprehensive list of all articles on Wikipedia identified as having a short description. Short descriptions are defined as descriptions that are shorter than around 30 words and can be found at the top of each article page.

Basic information about a subject may be more easily found when short descriptions exist because the essential facts can be determined quickly. Short descriptions can be useful when searching within a category or encyclopedia framework. They can also increase the chances of someone finding an article when pages are linked together or when search engine results are returned.

The goal of having short descriptions is to provide clarity and focus on main aspects of a Wikipedia article. Therefore, it is important to have concise descriptions that accurately reflect the main ideas of an article. Without short descriptions, it can be difficult to know what articles are about when titles alone do not provide enough information.

Wikipedia editors strive to make sure that each article has a short description so that information is readily available. Of those articles that are listed under the “Articles with Short Description” page, a brief overview will generally appear for them.

To ensure that articles have a short summary, editors are encouraged to give proper consideration to the amount of information conveyed and how it is written. This way, readers will be able to gain an understanding of what a particular article contains without having to read the entire article. A well-written short description can increase interest in an article and improve the range of readers that are attracted to it.

The “Articles with Short Description” page is a useful resource to consider when looking for information on Wikipedia. Its contents consist of an updated list of articles that have short description summaries. Thanks to this page, readers can quickly gain an insight into the information that an article provides, and make an informed decision as to whether it is necessary to read the article in full.

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