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Category:Short description is different from Wikidata

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This category contains articles with short descriptions that do not match the description field on Wikidata.

No action is needed at this time. This is a tracking category only.

Source link In recent years, the website Wikidata has been a go-to source for organized facts about the world. It has become a powerful tool for sorting and exploring topics of information. However, Wikidata and its category called “short description” should not be confused with one another. While both serve similar purposes, they have different uses and should not be mistaken for each other.

Wikidata is an online open collaborative knowledge base that contains structured data. It is a part of Wikimedia Foundation’s larger project in collecting and presenting facts about the world. This resource is available to everyone and it is designed to allow people to explore questions such as “Who is the Prime Minister of Colombia?” or “What is the capital of India?” It is an extensive database of facts and information.

The category of “short descriptions” is a part of Wikidata that offers summaries of the available information. For example, if an entry exists for India, its “short description” would be a two or three sentence summary of the essential information about the topic. These summaries are created and maintained by the public and act as an addition to the information provided. It can be used to quickly grasp the basics of a certain topic.

The purpose of Wikidata and its “short description” categories are similar in that both serve to provide information about the world. However, the two should not be confused with each other as they have different uses and provide different types of information. Wikidata is a repository for facts about the world, while the “short description” category is a brief summary of that information. Both provide valuable resources for exploring the world, but they should not be used interchangeably.

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