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Civil Engineering News — ScienceDaily

Nanoengineers Develop a Predictive Database for Materials

Nanoengineers have developed an AI algorithm that predicts the structure and dynamic properties of any material — whether existing or new — almost instantaneously. Known as M3GNet, the algorithm …

How ‘2D’ Materials Expand

Researchers developed a technique to effectively measure the thermal expansion coefficient of two-dimensional materials. With this information, engineers could more effectively and efficiently use …

New Insights Into Energy Loss Open Doors for One Up-and-Coming Solar Tech

A new method for describing energy loss in organic solar cells has paved the way for building better and more efficient …

Ceramic Coatings Can Suddenly Break, but They Do Not Fatigue

What determines the stabillity of thin ceramic coatings, which are often used to increase the stability of turbines or extremely stressed tools? New experiments show: Surprisingly, these coatings do …

Engineering Researchers Strive to Match Artistry of Biological Tissues

Experts in materials science, chemical engineering and biomedical engineering have perfected a voxelated approach to bio-print 3D structures that mimic the geometry, texture and function of human …

‘Bike Boxes’ Can Improve Urban Intersections for Cyclists, Oregon State Research Shows

A roadway setup known as the ‘bike box,’ a painted-off area for bicyclists at the front of an intersection, can help them stay safe at urban, signalized intersections, research …

Previously Unseen Processes Reveal Path to Better Rechargeable Battery Performance

To design better rechargeable ion batteries, engineers and chemists have collaborated to combine a powerful new electron microscopy technique and data mining to visually pinpoint areas of chemical …

Automated System to Detect Compressed Air Leaks on Trains

Researchers have developed a proof-of-concept system to autonomously detect compressed air leaks on trains and relay the location of the leaks to mechanical personnel for repair. The automated system …

New Technology to Reduce Potholes

Researchers have developed a new machine-learning technique that applies the Goldilocks principle to road compaction …

Can Your Phone Tell If a Bridge Is in Good Shape?

Researchers find data collected by mobile phones could be used to evaluate the structural integrity of …

Researchers Design Model That Predicts Which Buildings Will Survive Wildfire

Wildfires may seem unpredictable, leaving random ruin in their wake. Engineers have now developed a model that can predict how wildfire will impact a community down to which buildings will burn. They …

New Tech Solves Longstanding Challenges for Self-Healing Materials

Engineering researchers have developed a new self-healing composite that allows structures to repair themselves in place, without having to be removed from service. This latest technology resolves …

These Engineers Drew Inspiration from Geometrical Frustration

Researchers have drawn inspiration from the art of origami to create programmable surfaces that allow engineers to alter physical properties of a uniform substance across a range of …

Borrowing a Shape from a to-Go Cup Lid, a Drone Wing Could Learn How to Sense Danger Faster

The oddly satisfying small domes that you press on your soda’s to-go cup lid may one day save a winged drone from a …

New Class of Porous Metal Nanoparticles Will Give Rise to New Capabilities in Biomolecular Absorption, Chemical Sensing and Separations

Researchers have made a significant advance in the way they produce exotic open-framework superlattices made of hollow metal nanoparticles. The new method for preparing open-framework colloidal …

How Imperfections Can Actually Improve Alloys

Sometimes, in creating an alloy out of multiple metals, defects and structural instability can occur in the material. Now, researchers are harnessing those imperfections to make the material stronger …

All Solid-State LiDAR Sensor That Sees 360°

A research team develops a fixed LiDAR sensor that can recognize all directions …

Researchers Create Lunar Regolith Bricks That Could Be Used to Construct Artemis Base Camp

As part of NASA’s Artemis program to establish a long-term presence on the moon, it aims to build an Artemis base camp that includes a modern lunar cabin, rover and mobile home. This fixed …

New Corrosion-Detecting Tech Can Detects Leaks in Pipes Before They Occur

Engineers have created the next generation of transducers that use ultrasonic guided wave technology to detect anomalies in pipes, enabling users to prevent leaks before they …

Improving Light Absorption in perovskite/Si Tandem Solar Cells

Engineers have achieved a power conversion efficiency of 23.50% in a perovskite-silicon tandem solar cell built with a special textured anti-reflective coating (ARC) polymeric …

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Source link Civil engineering is undergoing a transformation in the 21st century, thanks to technological innovations and new developments in the field. This is good news for civil engineers, as they will be able to keep up with the times and take advantage of cutting-edge technology to create the most efficient and safe designs possible. ScienceDaily has released a brief look at some of the recent civil engineering news that will help engineers stay on top of the industry’s changes and trends.

One of the more encouraging civil engineering news items from ScienceDaily is the Green Building Initiative (GBI), which will provide civil engineers with the opportunity to construct environmentally friendly buildings. Buildings that are created using green design principles are more energy efficient, cost less to maintain, and produce fewer emissions in their lifetime. Civil engineers will be at the forefront of this environmentally conscious trend, determined to create comfortable and efficient structures that benefit both their clients and the planet.

Another piece of civil engineering news from ScienceDaily focuses on the usage of renewable energy sources in its construction projects. Solar, wind, and geothermal energy can help reduce the need for traditional power sources, leading to a reduction in electricity costs, a decrease of emissions, and an increase in sustainability. Civil engineers can help to make this vision a reality, developing innovative designs that will capture and use these energy sources effectively.

The final piece of civil engineering news highlights a new bridge design that was recently tested in France. This bridge is made to be earthquake and high wind resistant, which is a welcome development for locations located near fault lines or in areas prone to strong winds. Civil engineers can apply this knowledge to their designs, helping to ensure the safety and stability of their structures even in extreme situations.

Civil engineering news from ScienceDaily is a great resource for civil engineers who want to stay up to date on the latest industry developments. They can use this news to inform their designs, making sure that their projects are efficient and safe, while still taking advantage of new opportunities to create structures with a minimal environmental impact. With the help of ScienceDaily, civil engineers can gain an understanding of the current trends and use this information to create better and more efficient designs.

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