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Novel Method for Assigning Workplaces in Synthetic Populations Unveiled

Synthetic populations are computer-generated models that mimic real-world populations in terms of characteristics such as age, gender, and occupation; they are useful when conducting social …

New Approach to Epidemic Modeling Could Speed Up Pandemic Simulations

Researchers are employing sparsification, a method from graph theory and computer science, to identify which links in a network are the most important for the spread of …

AI Model Proactively Predicts If a COVID-19 Test Might Be Positive or Not

A new study shows machine-learning models trained using simple symptoms, demographic features are effective in predicting COVID-19 …

Glass-Like Shells of Diatoms Help Turn Light Into Energy in Dim Conditions

A new study has revealed how the glass-like shells of diatoms help these microscopic organisms perform photosynthesis in dim conditions. A better understanding of how these phytoplankton harvest and …

How Network Pruning Can Skew Deep Learning Models

Computer science researchers have demonstrated that a widely used technique called neural network pruning can adversely affect the performance of deep learning models, detailed what causes these …

Machine Learning, from You

Many computer systems people interact with on a daily basis require knowledge about certain aspects of the world, or models, to work. These systems have to be trained, often needing to learn to …

Number-Crunching Mathematical Models May Give Policy Makers Major Headache

Policy makers assume that adding more detail to mathematical models will produce more accurate predictions, but that’s not always the case, a new study …

Artificial Intelligence Answers the Call for Quail Information

When states want to gauge quail populations, the process can be grueling, time-consuming and expensive. It means spending hours in the field listening for calls. Or leaving a recording device in the …

Machine Learning Predicts Heat Capacities of MOFs

Chemical engineers have developed a machine-learning model that can accurately predict the heat capacity of the versatile metal-organic framework materials. The work shows that the overall energy …

A New AI Model Can Accurately Predict Human Response to Novel Drug Compounds

A research team has created an artificial intelligence model that could significantly improve the accuracy and reduce the time and cost of the drug development process. The new model, called CODE-AE, …

Predicting Risk of Aneurysm Rupture

Predicting the rupture of aneurysms is crucial for medical prevention and treatment. As aspect ratio and size ratio increase and an aneurysm expands, the stress applied against the aneurysm walls and …

AI Models Can Now Continually Learn from New Data on Intelligent Edge Devices Like Smartphones and Sensors

A new technique enables on-device training of machine-learning models on edge devices like microcontrollers, which have very limited memory. This could allow edge devices to continually learn from …

‘Game-Changing’ Study Offers a Powerful Computer-Modeling Approach to Cell Simulations

A milestone report proposes a new technique for modeling molecular life with computers. The advance promises new insights into the fundamental biology of a cell, as well as faster and more precise …

Machine Learning Model Predicts Health Conditions of People With MS During Stay-at-Home Periods

A newly developed model can accurately predict how stay-at-home orders like those put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic affect the mental health of people with chronic neurological disorders such …

‘Placenta-on-a-Chip’ Mimics Malaria-Infected Nutrient Exchange Between Mother-Fetus

Combining microbiology with engineering technologies, this novel 3D model uses a single microfluidic chip to study the complicated processes that take place in malaria-infected placenta as well as …

AI-Based Screening Method Could Boost Speed of New Drug Discovery

Developing life-saving medicines can take billions of dollars and decades of time, but researchers are aiming to speed up this process with a new artificial intelligence-based drug screening process …

Machine Learning Generates 3D Model from 2D Pictures

A neural field network can create a continuous 3D model from a limited number of 2D images, and it does it without being trained on other …

City Digital Twins Help Train Deep Learning Models to Separate Building Facades

To automatically generate data for training deep convolutional neural network models to segment building facades, researchers used a three-dimensional model and game engine to generate digital city …

Collaborative Machine Learning That Preserves Privacy

Researchers developed a system that streamlines the process of federated learning, a technique where users collaborate to train a machine-learning model in a way that safeguards each user’s …

Analyzing the Potential of AlphaFold in Drug Discovery

Using protein structures generated by the AI software AlphaFold, researchers investigated whether existing computational models could identify the mechanisms of action of antibacterial …

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Source link ScienceDaily has recently released news about an exciting new development in computer modeling, unlocking a world of potential new possibilities when it comes to data analysis and prediction.

Computer modeling has revolutionized the way we interpret data, analyze trends, and make projections. By taking large sets of data and breaking them down into smaller pieces, computer modeling has made it possible to generate insights into the behavior of any system. In recent years, computer modeling has become increasingly sophisticated with more powerful computers and more intuitive algorithms.

Now, ScienceDaily has shared news about a breakthrough in computer modeling technology. This new development, called ‘refined computer modeling’, seeks to further improve how computers interpret data. Refined computer modeling combines existing computer modeling techniques with advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning methods. This combination allows for greater accuracy, speed, and scalability when it comes to conducting analysis.

The possibilities of refined computer modeling are almost limitless. Scientists can use the technology to generate more reliable predictions about the future, businesses can use it to gain an edge over their competitors, and governments can employ it to create better public policies. These are only a few of the potential applications of refined computer modeling.

Experts are excited about the potential of this new technology and will be watching carefully as it continues to be refined. As the technology improves, it is likely to become an increasingly important tool for scientists and businesses around the world. For now, however, the full potential of refined computer modeling remains to be seen.

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