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Shedding Light on Quantum Photonics

As buzz grows ever louder over the future of quantum, researchers everywhere are working overtime to discover how best to unlock the promise of super-positioned, entangled, tunneling or otherwise …

Why Technology Alone Can’t Solve the Digital Divide

For some communities, the digital divide remains even after they have access to computers and fast internet, new research shows. A study of the Bhutanese refugee community in Columbus found that even …

Energy-Efficient Computing With Tiny Magnetic Vortices

A large percentage of energy used today is consumed in the form of electrical power for processing and storing data and for running the relevant terminal equipment and devices. Innovative concepts, …

New Instrument Measures Supercurrent Flow, Data Has Applications in Quantum Computing

An extreme-scale nanoscope is beginning to collect data about how pulses of light at trillions of cycles per second can control supercurrents in materials. The instrument could one day help optimize …

Quantum Algorithm of the Direct Calculation of Energy Derivatives Developed for Molecular Geometry Optimization

Researchers have successfully extended the quantum phase difference estimation algorithm, a general quantum algorithm for the direct calculations of energy gaps, to enable the direct calculation of …

Changing the Color of Quantum Light on an Integrated Chip

Recently, researchers have developed an integrated electro-optic modulator that can efficiently change the frequency and bandwidth of single photons. The device could be used for more advanced …

An Exotic Interplay of Electrons

Water that simply will not freeze, no matter how cold it gets — a research group has discovered a quantum state that could be described in this way. Experts have managed to cool a special material …

Abstract concept | (c) (c) Ocelia_Mg / Adobe

Scientists have developed a quantum experiment that allows them to study the dynamics, or behavior, of a special kind of theoretical …

Pulses Driven by Artificial Intelligence Tame Quantum Systems

Machine learning drives self-discovery of pulses that stabilize quantum systems in the face of environmental …

New Quantum Computing Feat Is a Modern Twist on a 150-Year-Old Thought Experiment

New research demonstrates a 20x improvement in resetting a quantum bit to its ‘0’ state, using a modern version of the ‘Maxwell’s …

Breaking the Scaling Limits of Analog Computing

A new technique greatly reduces the error in an optical neural network, which uses light to process data instead of electrical signals. With their technique, the larger an optical neural network …

New Programming Tool Turns Sketches, Handwriting Into Code

Researchers have created an interface that allows users to handwrite and sketch within computer code — a challenge to conventional coding, which typically relies on …

Nanoengineers Develop a Predictive Database for Materials

Nanoengineers have developed an AI algorithm that predicts the structure and dynamic properties of any material — whether existing or new — almost instantaneously. Known as M3GNet, the algorithm …

A Simpler Path to Better Computer Vision

Research finds using a large collection of simple, un-curated synthetic image generation programs to pretrain a computer vision model for image classification yields greater accuracy than employing …

Spin Correlation Between Paired Electrons Demonstrated

Physicists have experimentally demonstrated for the first time that there is a negative correlation between the two spins of an entangled pair of electrons from a superconductor. For their study, the …

Teaching Photonic Chips to ‘Learn’

A multi-institution research team has developed an optical chip that can train machine learning …

Quantum Algorithms Save Time in the Calculation of Electron Dynamics

Quantum computers promise significantly shorter computing times for complex problems. But there are still only a few quantum computers worldwide with a limited number of so-called qubits. However, …

Microlaser Chip Adds New Dimensions to Quantum Communication

With only two levels of superposition, the qubits used in today’s quantum communication technologies have limited storage space and low tolerance for interference. Engineering’s …

‘Brain-Like Computing’ at Molecular Level Is Possible

Scientists discovery reveals ‘brain-like computing’ at molecular level is possible. New research shows organic molecular switch ’emulates synaptic …

A Possible Game Changer for Next Generation Microelectronics

Researchers have discovered new properties of tiny magnetic whirlpools called skyrmions. Their pivotal discovery could lead to a new generation of microelectronics for memory storage with vastly …

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