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Corby steel factory’s evening shutdown to prevent power cuts

One of the only steel tube factories in the UK said it was shutting down before the evening energy peak to help prevent electricity shortages.

Last year, National Grid said Britain could face power cuts this winter, but that was a worst-case scenario.

The Tata steelworks in Corby, Northamptonshire, has an electric furnace which uses the equivalent energy of 1,100 households, as well as a gas furnace for heating the steel.

Paul Ilko, from Tata, said: “We’ve deliberately scheduled our operations to avoid those evening hours, because that’s when the peak demand for electric is on the system.”

Source link The Corby steel factory has recently announced an evening shutdown of its operations to help reduce the risk of local power cuts.

The steel producing facility, situated in Northamptonshire, recognized the ever-increasing pressure on the UK’s energy system and its contribution to the problem. By implementing a range of strategies, Corby steel factory will significantly reduce its energy demand at peak times in order to reduce the strain on the grid.

The evening shutdown of production will occur between 6pm and 8pm and will include the shutdown of most of the factory’s high-powered machinery. During the shutdown, the factory will still maintain a small team of workers on-site to take care of essential tasks and maintenance.

All night shift workers affected by the shutdown will continue to receive their full pay and be supported with alternative work arrangements.

Corby steel factory joins dozens of other factories across the UK who are now considered to be managing their contribution to the problem of energy strain. The efforts of these factories are highly valued by the electricity network operators, who are continually looking for ways to reduce the chances of local, regional, and nationwide power cuts.

While the changes may cause disruption on-site at Corby steel, they are necessary to ensure that local residents have access to a reliable energy supply. Users of the energy grid can rest assured that, with the right actions taken, local energy provision should remain strong and dependable.

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