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Could UK be drawn into a green trade war with US?

He said he had also spoken to his opposite number in the Biden ministry, Climate envoy John Kerry, and Mr Shapps says much of what the US is doing is welcome. “The bits that actually could affect us, the protectionist bit, they’re the edges that need to come off [this new bill].”

Source link In today’s world, environmental policies and protection are becoming increasingly more important. With many nations pushing to become green leaders, a new debate has arisen: Could the United Kingdom be subjected to a ‘green trade war,’ courtesy of the United States?

At the start of this month, U.S. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo announced the repeal of the 2015 Paris Agreement. This decision saw the US become the first and only G7 nation to exit the agreement. Events like this are concerning to the United Kingdom, as it appears to be in direct contrast to its own policies on climate change.

Furthermore, the UK’s decision not to sign up to a potential post-Brexit free trade agreement, with the US, unless it includes a net-zero commitment has added fuel to the fire. The country does have reasons to be concerned here, as the US is already taking steps to punish the UK for its stance on climate change.

In June 2020, reports have indicated that the White House is considering tariffs on goods from countries, such as Britain and the EU, if they implement carbon fees. This suggests that the US is prepared to back up its policies with action, particularly if it’s in direct competition with the UK’s commitment to reduce emissions.

Although the UK is aware of this potentiality, it continues to hold firm with ongoing discussions to create trade deals in a way that aligns with its own values and objectives. It appears that the US is also beginning to understand that stubbornness will not be the answer to enforcing its beliefs, with various negotiating groups recently meeting in Washington.

At this stage, there is no clear indication as to whether or not a green trade war will inevitably occur between the two nations. With Brexit tensions at an all-time high, there is a real fear that this may be the case and that the UK could eventually fall foul of the wrath of the US if it does not adhere to their desires.

It is clear that Britain must remain vigilant and maintain diplomatic relations with the US to ensure any potential conflicts remain within the realms of political discussion, rather than into a full-blown trade war. Only then can it be certain that the greatest benefits can be gained and progress made for both countries in regards to climate change.

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