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DeepMind AI is as fast as humans at solving previously unseen tasks

Artificial intelligences need specific training to excel at a task, but now a more generally intelligent one from DeepMind has performed as well as humans in a virtual world test


31 January 2023

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DeepMind researches artificial intelligence

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DeepMind has developed an artificial intelligence that can solve tasks it has never seen before as fast and as accurately as humans – it could be a step towards generally intelligent AI that could master an array of jobs in the real world.

The AI, called Adaptive Agent or AdA, works in a 3D virtual world where it is asked to solve tasks that involve navigating, planning and manipulating objects.

Humans are excellent at solving new problems in very different environments, including ones they haven’t seen before. For …

Source link DeepMind’s artificial intelligence (AI) can now solve complex tasks as quickly as humans. DeepMind AI, a research lab in the UK, recently reported that its AI system can learn a range of novel tasks more quickly and accurately than any human could.

The tasks in question include predicting which word will come next in a sentence, understanding the meaning of conversation and accurately predicting the outcomes of challenging physical activities. To test the capabilities of AI, DeepMind tested it on 10 different tasks. The aim was to measure how quickly an AI system could learn to successfully complete a task that had never been seen before.

The results indicated that DeepMind’s AI could rapidly acquire skills and knowledge with little or no prior knowledge. In most cases, the AI performed better than the average human test subject. This is an exciting development in the field. It shows that AI can learn and build on prior knowledge to rapidly solve never-before-seen problems.

AI has the potential to revolutionize how we interact with machines and the world around us. With DeepMind’s demonstration of its AI’s capabilities, it’s clear that AI is advancing quickly and has a great potential to improve the way we do complex tasks.

This is a great example of how far AI has come in recent years. AI is quickly proving itself to be just as capable as humans when it comes to solving complex tasks. As AI technology continues to advance, it is likely that AI will increasingly become an integral part of our lives.

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