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Aware or Not Aware: You Are Affected by Food Cues Either Way

A research team has revealed a difference in neural activity in response to visual food stimuli, depending on whether those stimuli are presented consciously or unconsciously. Using a questionnaire …

Consumption of Fast Food Linked to Liver Disease

A new study found that eating fast food is associated with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, a potentially life-threatening condition in which fat builds up in the …

What If Sodium in Packaged Foods Was Reduced for an Entire Continent?

Reformulating packaged foods available in Australia to contain less sodium may save about 1,700 lives per year, according to a new study. Using the World Health Organization’s (WHO) …

The Nose Knows: Study Suggests It May Be Wise to Screen for Smell Loss to Predict Frailty and Unhealthy Aging

In a study using data from nearly 1,200 older adults, researchers have added to a growing body of evidence that loss of the sense of smell is a predictive marker for an increased risk of frailty as …

Education About Genetic Causes of Eating Behavior Affects Attitudes Toward People With Higher Weight

Education about gene-by-environment interaction (G X E) causes of eating behaviors can have beneficial downstream effects on attitudes toward people with higher weight. A recent study found that …

Genetic Effect on the Response to Treatment for Obesity

Collaborative research has found that patients with severe and complicated obesity respond differently to a dietary weight loss program based on their …

Can Diet Combined With Drugs Reduce Seizures?

Following a modified Atkins diet high in fat and low in carbohydrates plus taking medication may reduce seizures in people with tough-to-treat epilepsy, according to a new …

Common Fatty Acid Contributes to Temperature and Pain Sensitivity in Psoriasis Plaques

A common fatty acid found in the Western diet breaks down into compounds that contribute to increased temperature and pain — but not itch — sensitivity in psoriatic …

Grb10 Offers a Potential New Approach for Treating Obesity

A team of researchers has discovered that the protein Grb10 promotes leptin activity in the brain, opening the possibility of developing Grb10-based new approaches to treat …

Microprotein Increases Appetite in Mice

Scientists have discovered that both brown and white fat is filled with thousands of previously unknown microproteins, and show that one of these microproteins, called Gm8773, can increase appetite …

Some Guts Are Better Than Others at Harvesting Energy

New research suggests that a portion of the Danish population has a composition of gut microbes that, on average, extracts more energy from food than do the microbes in the guts of their fellow …

Understanding the ‘Eating Just One Potato Chip Is Impossible’ Gene

A research group has revealed that a transcription cofactor gene called CREB-Regulated Transcription Coactivator 1 (CRTC1) mediates the obesity-suppressing effects of melanocortin-4 receptor (MC4R) …

Mediterranean Diet Linked to Lower Preeclampsia Risk

In a new study evaluating the Mediterranean diet and adverse pregnancy outcomes, investigators from the Smidt Heart Institute at Cedars-Sinai found that women who conceived while adhering to the …

Fatty Liver Disease Endangers Brain Health

People with liver disease caused by eating too much sugar and fat could be at increased risk of developing serious neurological conditions like depression or …

Common Food Dye Can Trigger Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, Animal Study Suggests

Researchers using experimental animal models of IBD found that continual exposure to Allura Red AC harms gut health and promotes inflammation. The dye directly disrupts gut barrier function and …

Serotonin 2C Receptor Associated With Obesity and Maladaptive Behavior

A collaborative study reveals a new gene associated with obesity and maladaptive behavior. The evidence shows that rare mutations in the gene for the serotonin 2C receptor play a role in the …

Patterns of Lifespan Weight Gain/loss May Predict Dementia Risk

Dementia is a growing global public health concern currently affecting 50 million people and is expected to rise dramatically to more than 150 million cases worldwide by 2050. Obesity, commonly …

Blood-Based Metabolic Signature Outperforms Standard Method for Predicting Diet, Disease Risk

Researchers have found a method using molecular profiling and machine learning to develop blood-based dietary signatures that more accurately assess diet and predict the risk of cardiovascular …

Intermittent Fasting May Reverse Type 2 Diabetes, According to Study

After an intermittent fasting diet intervention, patients achieved complete diabetes remission, defined as an HbA1c (average blood sugar) level of less than 6.5% at least one year after stopping …

Not Everyone Aware Sustainable Diets Are About Helping the Planet

A new study has found that young Brits would be willing to change to a more sustainable diet, but a lack of understanding about what that actually means is preventing many from doing …

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Source link Diet and weight loss are an important part of our lives. Many of us are looking for the latest health news in order to make informed decisions about our diets and how to reach our health goals. ScienceDaily is a source for the most current news and information regarding diet and weight loss.

ScienceDaily offers a wide array of articles focusing on diet and weight loss, from nutrition and exercise advice to the latest findings from research and studies. There are also topics such as vitamins, minerals and supplements, as well as meal planning and portion control as part of the diet plan. Diet and weight loss tips can be accessed on the website, including low-fat recipes, healthy cooking tips and weight-loss motivation.

In addition to general diet and weight-loss news, information about specific health conditions and disease is also available. Articles focus on the latest research and treatments for things such as heart disease and diabetes. The website also provides insight into weight loss surgery and its risks and benefits.

Whether you’re looking to learn more about diet and nutrition, or you need some help getting on track with your health goals, ScienceDaily has all the latest news and information you need. With its comprehensive and up-to-date approach to diet and weight loss, ScienceDaily is an invaluable source of information and support.

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