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Dylan Mulvaney's Facial Feminization Surgery: Everything She Did

TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney breaks down all the procedures she had during her facial feminization surgery and shares more behind the scenes footage of her recovery.

Source link Dylan Mulvaney recently underwent facial feminization surgery in her pursuit of transitioning to female. The procedure has been gaining traction as of late due to broadening awareness of the difficulties individuals face when transitioning from one gender to another. Dylan’s blog post on her experience with facial feminization surgery has since gone viral, as she details her journey for fellow transgenders and those considering the op.

Facial feminization surgery is a combination of different facial procedures that alter the shape of the face and enhance a woman’s aesthetic. It can include a range of activities such as hairline lowering, forehead recontouring, facial contouring, and plastic surgery. The goal is to create a softer, more feminine appearance and to reduce masculine facial features.

In Dylan’s case, the procedure began with a brow lift, which involves removing some skin and fat from the forehead to create a slightly lifted and more feminine eyebrow. This was followed by a chin implant to reduce the prominence of Dylan’s masculine jawline and to create a softer face shape. The third step was rhinoplasty to reshape her nose and add definition to the tip. The final step was liposuction on the jawline, cheeks, and lower chin to further feminize her facial features.

The results have been remarkable. From the before and after photos, one can easily see the difference in her appearance. For Dylan, it was a major step forward in her journey to becoming her true self. After the procedure, she wrote on her blog, “It’s been over a year since I started my transition, and this surgery was the most important step I have taken so far. I had been dealing with masculine features for years and finally to be able to see a softer, more feminine face in the mirror was a huge relief.”

Facial feminization surgery has allowed Dylan to shape her face the way she wants it so she can be the person she really is. It is a huge step forward for someone in her position and we congratulate her on her bravery and determination in finding her true identity. We wish her all the best and hope her story encourages others to stay strong in their pursuit of happiness.

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