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Dylan Mulvaney's Facial Feminization Surgery: Everything She Did

TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney breaks down all the procedures she had during her facial feminization surgery and shares more behind the scenes footage of her recovery.

Source link Dylan Mulvaney is a transgender woman who recently underwent facial feminization surgery (FFS) as a part of her transition. According to her, the surgery was one of the most transformational experiences she has ever had.

In an interview with, Mulvaney described what went into her decision, explaining that she wanted to make sure that the way people perceive her from the outside reflects the way she feels on the inside. She decided to go through with feminization surgery to make her features look more feminine and to help her feel more comfortable in her own skin.

Mulvaney explained that she felt a significant difference immediately after the operation. She felt more at ease, more confident, and more free to be herself. She also mentioned that FFS helped her to break free from gender-based stereotypes, allowing her to show the world the face of a gender fluid person.

Mulvaney’s surgery included several different procedures, such as forehead and eye lifts, jaw and lip reshaping, chin feminization, and rhinoplasty. Her surgeon also used FFS techniques to give her a smooth and symmetrical face shape.

During the surgery, Mulvaney was conscious and able to give her surgeons feedback on how they were doing throughout the operation. She also mentioned that all of her doctors were respectful and really listened to her concerns.

Since her surgery, Mulvaney says that her self-esteem and confidence have sky-rocketed. She feels more free to express her gender identity however she sees fit and has noticed that people react differently to her now that she ideally presents as female.

Mulvaney’s powerful story is a reminder of the courage and strength transgender individuals have and the unique struggles they face. Her decision to get FFS is another great example of how gender identity does not have to be confined to stereotypical ideas of what makes a person male or female. We can all learn from Mulvaney and the timeless lessons she is teaching us.

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