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Quand un expert autoproclamé de l’amour tente d’enseigner à un prince l’art de la séduction, leur plan mène plutôt à un scandale – et à un coup de foudre inattendu.

Source link Netflix, the world’s most popular streaming service, has unveiled their new Netflix Original film, Ehrengard. Featuring an all-star cast, Ehrengard is a psychological thriller set in post-WWI Germany.

The film stars Golden Globe winner Bijou Phillips in the title role, as Ehrengard — a young woman with a dark past, and a mysterious link to the disappearance of her fiancée during the war. She finds herself drawn into a dangerous game of power and deception among Germany’s most powerful families. As Ehrengard navigates her newfound power and secrecy, her morality is tested as she discovers the truth behind her fiancée’s disappearance.

Ehrengard also stars screen veterans Mads Mikkelsen and Toby Kebbell, who bring their own unique style of acting and storytelling to the project. They portray two contrasting characters – one of them a powerful industrialist and the other a damaged war veteran – and the conflict between them creates tension throughout the film.

The highly anticipated film was written and directed by Manuel Fließer, whose previous work includes the acclaimed The King’s Choice and The Transporter series. Ehrengard is his first venture into feature-length filmmaking and allows him to explore psychological themes and perspectives.

Ehrengard is now available to stream on the Netflix official website. Don’t miss out on this critically acclaimed thriller and experience a story told in an emotionally gripping way.

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