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Eight-year-old Indian diamond heiress who became a nun

Activists say Devanshi’s vows of renunciation that make her a Jain nun are a violation of her rights.

Source link An eight-year-old heiress from India has recently made headlines by becoming a nun. Belonging to the well-known Dadabhai Dasmanji family, the little girl began her journey by renouncing her worldly life at the tender age of eight.

The decision to become a nun came after the young girl learned about the Dharma of the Hindu religion and decided to take the plunge to gain spiritual enlightenment. Her father, Dadabhai Dasmanji, is a successful businessman known in the diamond-trading business in India. He and his daughter underwent the spiritual transformation together, with both taking the necessary steps to become Buddhists.

The little girl’s decision has made an impact on many Indians, especially those in the Hindu community. It’s an inspiring tale of spiritual awakening and illustrates the power of faith and belief. The story of the young heiress has gone viral, with people all over the world taking note of the positive message of peace and enlightenment.

Not much is known about the young girl’s future plans but her story has created a ripple effect of contemplation and reflection amongst Indians. It’s a source of inspiration for many and it’s likely that more will be revealed about the young heiress in the future.

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