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Development of Bio-Friendly Transparent Temperature Sensor Technology That Precisely Measures Temperature Changes by Light

Engineers have announced the development of a transparent temperature sensor capable of precisely and quickly measuring temperature changes caused by light. This technology is expected to contribute …

Researchers Develop All-Optical Approach to Pumping Chip-Based Nanolasers

Researchers have developed a new all-optical method for driving multiple highly dense nanolaser arrays. As described in Optica, the approach could enable chip-based optical communication links that …

A Shield for 2D Materials That Adds Vibrations to Reduce Vibration Problems

A new study demonstrates a new, counterintuitive way to protect atomically-thin electronics — adding vibrations, to reduce vibrations. By squeezing a liquid-metal gallium droplet, graphene devices …

Paper-Thin Solar Cell Can Turn Any Surface Into a Power Source

MIT researchers developed a scalable fabrication technique to produce ultrathin, flexible, durable, lightweight solar cells that can be stuck to any surface. Glued to high-strength fabric, the solar …

Recycled Gold from SIM Cards Could Help Make Drugs More Sustainable

Researchers have used gold extracted from electronic waste as catalysts for reactions that could be applied to making …

Molecules Have an Orientation, and Scientists Have a New Way to Measure It

Polymer chains twist and turn in complex and unexpected ways, now visible with a new measurement technique. The new technique, which shows 3D molecular orientation at a 400 nm resolution, will help …

Solving the Puzzle: Cubic Silicon Carbide Wafer Demonstrates High Thermal Conductivity, Second Only to Diamond

Researchers have solved a long-standing puzzle about lower measured thermal conductivity values of cubic silicon carbide (3C-SiC) bulk crystals in the literature than the structurally more complex …

Flameproofing Lithium-Ion Batteries With Salt

A polymer-based electrolyte makes for batteries that keep working — and don’t catch fire — when heated to over 140 degrees …

Novel 3D Printing Method to Fabricate Complex Metal-Plastic Composite Structures

In recent years, research interest in the 3D printing of metal patterns on plastic parts has grown exponentially, due to its high potential in the manufacturing of next-generation electronics. But …

Researchers Introduce an Energy-Efficient Method to Enhance Thermal Conductivity of Polymer Composites

Thermally conductive polymer composites consist of fillers oriented in certain directions that form pathways for heat flow. However, conventional methods to control the orientation of these fillers …

Protons Fix a Long-Standing Issue in Silicon Carbide Electronics

Silicon carbide (SiC) is a promising semiconductor material for power electronic devices, but it suffers from bipolar degradation, which severely limits its lifespan. To address this long-standing …

High-Performance and Compact Vibration Energy Harvester Created for Self-Charging Wearable Devices

A research team has developed a microelectromechanical system (MEMS) piezoelectric vibration energy harvester, which is only about 2 cm in diameter with a U-shaped metal vibration amplification …

Breaking the Scaling Limits of Analog Computing

A new technique greatly reduces the error in an optical neural network, which uses light to process data instead of electrical signals. With their technique, the larger an optical neural network …

Explainable AI-Based Physical Theory for Advanced Materials Design

Microscopic image data is key to developing low-power, high-speed electronic devices. However, the complex interactions in nanoscale magnetic materials are difficult to understand. A research group …

The Whole in a Part: Synchronizing Chaos Through a Narrow Slice of Spectrum

Engineers have uncovered some intricate effects arising when chaotic systems, which typically generate broad spectra, are coupled by conveying only a narrow range of frequencies from one to another. …

Sweet New Way to Print Microchip Patterns on Curvy Surfaces

Regular table sugar can help to deposit microchips on new and unconventional surfaces, a researcher has shown in a new …

Teaching Photonic Chips to ‘Learn’

A multi-institution research team has developed an optical chip that can train machine learning …

How ‘2D’ Materials Expand

Researchers developed a technique to effectively measure the thermal expansion coefficient of two-dimensional materials. With this information, engineers could more effectively and efficiently use …

Researchers Develop a Novel Integration Scheme for Efficient Coupling Between III-V and Silicon

Researchers have recently developed a novel integration scheme for efficient coupling between III-V compound semiconductor devices and silicon components on silicon photonics (Si-photonics) platform …

Development of an Easy-to-Synthesize Self-Healing Gel Composed of Entangled Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polymers

A research team has developed a method for easily synthesizing a self-healing polymer gel made of ultrahigh molecular weight polymers (polymers with a molecular weight greater than 106 g/mol) and …

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