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Emma Roberts Laughs Off Rumor Pal Lea Michele Can’t Read – E! Online

Emma Roberts is a woman of few words when it comes to responding to that Lea Michele conspiracy theory.

While appearing on Bravo‘s Watch What Happens Live on Jan. 24, the American Horror Story alum was asked by whom what she thinks is the “biggest misconception” about her former Scream Queens costar. Referencing a longtime rumor about Michele, host Andy Cohen added, “The biggest misconception is that she can’t read, right?”

“Well, I mean,” Roberts stated, laughing, “We’ve not been in a book club together.”

Fellow guest Julie Bowen added, “Why is reading so important, goddamn it! Let her not read if that’s what she wants!”

Michele has herself poked fun at the longstanding rumor that supposedly can’t read or write. In September 2022, the Glee alum made her TikTok debut with a video depicting her calling her BFF and past co-star Jonathan Groff to have him “read me the comments on my first TikTok.”

Source link Emma Roberts is proving that good relationships stand the test of time, as the actress has laughing off a rumor concerning her longtime pal Lea Michele.

The rumor, which originated on TikTok and quickly went viral, suggested that Lea Michele could not read. The rumor spread so quickly that Michele’s co-star for the musical show Glee, Emma Roberts, took to Twitter on the 16th of May to support her friend.

In her tweet, Roberts captioned a video of her laughing along side Michele and wrote “Lol did someone really think lea couldn’t read?!”, further adding, “Come on…..she literally wrote books!”

The rumored started after the creator of the TikTok account, @ofirvoice, posted a now-deleted video of Michele in which she was appearing to read a piece of paper in front of a live audience. In the background, someone is heard saying “Lea can’t read.”

Michele also jumped in to make light of the rumor on her own Twitter account, by showing a video where she is holding up a book with the caption “TBT to when I started writing a book.”

It is exceedingly obvious that the video of Michele was a joke, and her friends are now proving just how close their friendship really is. It is clear that the Glee castmates will always have each other’s backs, no matter the rumor or situation.

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