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Energy and the Environment News — ScienceDaily

How Plants Are Inspiring New Ways to Extract Value from Wastewater

Scientists are drawing inspiration from plants to develop new techniques to separate and extract valuable minerals, metals and nutrients from resource-rich …

EV Transition Will Benefit Most US Vehicle Owners, but Lowest-Income Americans Could Get Left Behind

More than 90% of vehicle-owning households in the United States would see a reduction in the percentage of income spent on transportation energy — the gasoline or electricity that powers their cars, …

A New Tool Helps Map out Where to Develop Clean Energy Infrastructure

An update to the Energy Zones Mapping Tool, the Geospatial Energy Mapper is an online tool with an extensive catalog of mapping data for energy planning. It can help identify areas that are suitable …

Cubes Outperform Spheres as Catalyst Particles

To date, nanoparticles as catalysts for green hydrogen have been like rowers in an eight: researchers could only measure their average performance, but couldn’t determine which one was the best. …

Solar-Powered System Converts Plastic and Greenhouse Gases Into Sustainable Fuels

Researchers have developed a system that can transform plastic waste and greenhouse gases into sustainable fuels and other valuable products — using just the energy from the …

New Method to Introduce Efficient Water Splitting for Hydrogen Production at Low Voltage

Metal oxides are a promising catalyst for photoelectrochemical (PEC) water splitting to produce hydrogen as alternative energy. However, their effectiveness is restricted at low voltage. A research …

Cheap, Sustainable Hydrogen Through Solar Power

A new kind of solar panel has achieved 9% efficiency in converting water into hydrogen and oxygen–mimicking a crucial step in natural photosynthesis. Outdoors, it represents a major leap in the …

A Step Towards Solar Fuels out of Thin Air

Chemical engineers have invented a solar-powered artificial leaf, built on a novel electrode which is transparent and porous, capable of harvesting water from the air for conversion into hydrogen …

Eco-Friendly Materials Capable of Purifying Water at High Speed With Inexpensive Raw Materials

A team developed photothermal porous polymer capable of ultra-fast adsorption and removal of phenolic microplastics and VOC contaminants in water. Showing the potential as a next-generation water …

Scientists Develop a Cool New Method of Refrigeration

Researchers have developed a new kind of heating and cooling method that they have named the ionocaloric refrigeration cycle. They hope the technique will someday help phase out refrigerants that …

Improving the Operational Stability of Perovskite Solar Cells

Scientists have found a way to improve the operational stability of perovskite solar cells, a crucial step towards their …

Scientists Enhance Recyclability of Post-Consumer Plastic

Scientists have developed a new method for recycling high-density polyethylene …

Scientists Discover a Novel Photophysical Mechanism That Has Achieved Record-Breaking Efficiency for Organic Photovoltaics

Organic photovoltaics (OPVs) are a promising, economical, next-generation solar cell technology for scalable clean energy and wearable electronics. But the energy conversion loss due to the …

Ammonium Is the Secret Ingredient in Stable, Efficient, Scalable Perovskite Solar Cells

A new pathway to creating durable, efficient perovskite photovoltaics at industrial scale has been demonstrated through the first effective use of lead acetate as a precursor in making …

Producing Fertilizer Without Carbon Emissions

Researchers have shown how nitrogen fertilizer could be produced more sustainably. This is necessary not only to protect the climate, but also to reduce dependence on imported natural gas and to …

Risk of Population Disruption as a Result of Decarbonization

Researchers analyzed the effects of decarbonization strategies by linking global resource inventories with demographic systems to generate a matrix showing the risks and benefits. The research …

Producing ‘Green’ Energy — Literally — From Living Plant ‘Bio-Solar Cells’

Though plants can serve as a source of food, oxygen and décor, they’re not often considered to be a good source of electricity. But by collecting electrons naturally transported within plant …

An Integrated, Net-Negative System Captures Carbon and Produces Ethylene

Engineers have built a machine that captures carbon from flue gas and converts it to ethylene. The device integrates a carbon capture system with an ethylene conversation system for the first …

Good Vibrations Turbo Charge Green Hydrogen Production

Engineers have used sound waves to boost production of green hydrogen by 14 times, through electrolysis to split …

Paper-Thin Solar Cell Can Turn Any Surface Into a Power Source

MIT researchers developed a scalable fabrication technique to produce ultrathin, flexible, durable, lightweight solar cells that can be stuck to any surface. Glued to high-strength fabric, the solar …

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Source link Energy and the environment are topics that are becoming increasingly important to our society and the larger world. As these issues continue to develop, it is important to stay informed on the latest news and research in this field. ScienceDaily provides a great source of information on energy and the environment, offering up-to-date news and articles on these topics.

ScienceDaily’s energy and the environment news section includes reports on different energy sources such as fossil fuels, hydropower, and renewable sources like solar, wind, and geothermal energy. It also covers the impact of energy consumption on the environment and individuals, as well as important energy-related policies, regulations, and initiatives.

The news section also provides articles and reports from leading research organizations around the world. This is a great resource for those interested in the science behind energy and the environment. ScienceDaily regularly updates its news section with new research on topics such as the potential for cleaner transportation, the effects of climate change on coral reefs, and the development of green energy solutions.

In addition to news, ScienceDaily also provides an education section for those looking for additional information and resources about energy and the environment. This section includes articles on energy sources, climate change, renewable energy technologies, and more.

Those interested in staying informed on energy and the environment can rely on ScienceDaily as a comprehensive and up-to-date source of news and research. With its broad coverage and easy-to-access education section, it makes keeping up with the latest energy and environmental developments a breeze.

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