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Energy Policy News — ScienceDaily

Risk of Population Disruption as a Result of Decarbonization

Researchers analyzed the effects of decarbonization strategies by linking global resource inventories with demographic systems to generate a matrix showing the risks and benefits. The research …

Container Ship Accidents Are a Little Understood but Emerging Threat to Marine Ecosystems

Researchers review the state of marine pollution from container ship accidents. The study investigates the risks they pose, the current policies and strategies around them and the regulations that …

Full Decarbonization of U.S. Aviation Sector Is Within Grasp

New research shows a pathway toward full decarbonization of U.S. aviation fuel use by substituting conventional jet fuel with sustainably produced biofuels. The study found that planting the grass …

Pandemic Led to 7.5 Percent Decrease in 2020 U.S. Energy Consumption

Total energy consumption decreased 7.5 percent nationwide in 2020 compared with 2019 as the COVID-19 pandemic led to lockdowns, business closures and employees working from home, according to a new …

Novel Atlas Shows Vast Urban Infrastructure Divide Between Global South and Global North

New data from an international research team adds another dimension — literally — to understanding the economic and environmental impacts of how cities are built. Using satellite mapping, …

Water Cutoff Countermeasures Using Disaster Emergency Wells

Groundwater is considered both an environmental and industrial resource, but a new study indicates it is also an important resource in disaster prevention. Researchers conducted research surveys of …

Global Collaboration Saved Countries $67 Billion in Solar Panel Production Costs

A new study quantifies for the first time the historical and future cost savings to the solar industry from globalized supply …

Blessing or Curse? How the Pandemic and the War Impact Energy Transitions

The COVID-19 pandemic and the return of military conflict to Europe are two of the present’s defining crises. A new study sheds light on their ramifications for the global energy …

Advanced Plastics Recycling Yields Climate Benefits

Engineers have released a new report which examined advanced recycling. The report concluded that advanced recycling helps avoid climate impacts, reduces demand for energy resources, and offers key …

Game Changers in Fighting Climate Change: Refuels Are Suitable for Everyday Use

Synthetic fuels produced from renewable sources, so-called refuels, are deemed potential game changers in fighting climate change. Refuels promise to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90% compared to …

Europe Can Rapidly Eliminate Imports of Russian Natural Gas

Using a new power sector model, a team of researchers has proposed a method for Europe to eliminate natural gas imports from …

Why Some Countries Are Leading the Shift to Green Energy

A new study identifies the political factors that allow some countries to lead in adopting cleaner sources of energy while others lag behind. By analyzing how different countries responded to the …

Mapping Honduras’ Water Supply

In Tegucigalpa and surrounding areas, Hondurans often wait weeks for tap water to …

Clean Hydrogen: A Long-Awaited Solution for Hard-to-Abate Sectors?

One of the world’s biggest climate challenges is decarbonizing fossil energy uses that cannot be directly electrified using renewable power. Among so-called ‘hard-to-abate’ (HTA) …

Flaring Allows More Methane Into the Atmosphere Than We Thought

Oil and gas producers rely on flaring to limit the venting of natural gas from their facilities, but new research shows that in the real world, this practice is far less effective than estimated — …

Bitcoin Mining Is Environmentally Unsustainable, Researchers Find

Taken as a share of the market price, the climate change impacts of mining the digital cryptocurrency Bitcoin is more comparable to the impacts of extracting and refining crude oil than mining gold, …

Catalytic Process With Lignin Could Enable 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel

An underutilized natural resource could be just what the airline industry needs to curb carbon emissions. Researchers report success in using lignin as a path toward a drop-in 100% sustainable …

New Report Offers Blueprint for Regulation of Facial Recognition Technology

A new report outlines a model law for facial recognition technology to protect against harmful use of this technology, but also foster innovation for public …

Charging Cars at Home at Night Is Not the Way to Go, Study Finds

The move to electric vehicles will result in large costs for generating, transmitting, and storing more power. Shifting current EV charging from home to work and night to day could cut costs and help …

Rooftop Solar Cells Can Be a Boon for Water Conservation Too

Electricity-generating rooftop solar cells not only save on planet-warming carbon emissions, they also save a significant amount of water. Water consumption is tightly bound to energy use, because …

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Source link Science has long been focused on the development of innovative ways to use energy sources more effectively. The rapid development of technology over recent decades has enabled new methods to be developed and improved upon, and the advancements in energy policy news is just one of the many advancements being made.

Energy policy news has become a major area of focus in recent years. With resources such as Science Daily, one can now stay up to date on the latest developments in renewable energy sources and strategies, as well as important governmental policies that could affect the industry.

Energy policy news is constantly evolving and expanding in order to meet the growing needs of the global population. Information and developments on both sides of the aisle or international borders are being reported, creating an informative resource for those looking to stay abreast of advancements.

These reports focus on various aspects of energy including wind and solar energy, as well as reports on nuclear and hydroelectric power options. Gasoline and diesel fuel are also covered for those interested in what types of fuels are available on the market.

There are now many energy policy news outlets that offer unique perspectives on the energy sector. In addition to Science Daily, Popular Mechanics is another great resource to have on hand. This resource is a monthly magazine that provides information on energy policy news in an easy to understand format.

Making the switch to renewable sources of energy is an important task and staying informed is a great way to make an informed decision. Staying up to date with the latest in energy policy news can help individuals, businesses, and governments alike when making decisions. Renewable energy sources are the future of our planet and with the help of organizations like Science Daily, easily accessible information is available to help inform these decisions.

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