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Watch This Person-Shaped Robot Liquify and Escape Jail, All With the Power of Magnets

Inspired by sea cucumbers, engineers have designed miniature robots that rapidly and reversibly shift between liquid and solid states. On top of being able to shape-shift, the robots are magnetic and …

A Precision Arm for Miniature Robots

Until now, microscopic robotic systems have had to make do without arms. Now researchers have developed an ultrasonically actuated glass needle that can be attached to a robotic arm. This lets them …

Significant Reductions in Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions Still Possible

About a quarter of the world’s electricity currently comes from power plants fired by natural gas. These contribute significantly to global greenhouse gas emissions (amounting to 10% of …

Researchers Uncover Mechanisms to Easily Dry, Redisperse Cellulose Nanocrystals

A team of chemical engineering researchers studied the mechanisms of drying the nanocrystals and proposed nanotechnology to render the nanocrystals highly redispersible in aqueous mediums, while …

Humidity May Be the Key to Super-Lubricity ‘Switch’

A material state known as super-lubricity, where friction between two contacting surfaces nearly vanishes, is a phenomenon that materials researchers have studied for years due to the potential for …

Nanoplastics Unexpectedly Produce Reactive Oxidizing Species When Exposed to Light

Energy, environmental and chemical engineers found that nanoplastics facilitate formation of manganese oxide on polystyrene …

Researchers Detect Fluoride in Water With New Simple Color Change Test

Environmental contaminants like fluoride, lead and pesticides exist all around and even within us. While researchers have simple ways to measure concentrations of such contaminants inside lab …

High-Performance Visible-Light Lasers That Fit on a Fingertip

Researchers have created visible lasers of very pure colors from near-ultraviolet to near-infrared that fit on a fingertip. The colors of the lasers can be precisely tuned and extremely fast — up to …

New ‘Semi-Sub’ Shows Spy Potential of Sailing at Waterline

An unmanned semi-submersible vehicle may prove that the best way to travel in water undetected and efficiently is not on top, or below, but in-between. The roughly 1.5-foot-long semi-sub prototype, …

Eco-Friendly Materials Capable of Purifying Water at High Speed With Inexpensive Raw Materials

A team developed photothermal porous polymer capable of ultra-fast adsorption and removal of phenolic microplastics and VOC contaminants in water. Showing the potential as a next-generation water …

Development of Next-Generation Solid Electrolyte Technology, ‘Stable’ Even When Exposed to the Atmosphere

Engineers have announced the development of solid electrolytes with enhanced atmospheric …

Team Writes Letters With Ultrasonic Beam, Develops Deep Learning Based Real-Time Ultrasonic Hologram Generation Technology

A team has developed a ‘deep learning-based ultrasound hologram generation framework’ technology that can freely configure the form of focused ultrasound in real time based on holograms. It …

Nanoimprinting Technique for Humidity-Responsive Holographic Images

A research team has developed a display which projects holographic images that change color and brightness in response to humidity. A single imprint is enough, and holographic images can be …

Using Additive Manufacturing to Detect Counterfeit Parts

Researchers have developed a method of imprinting a hidden magnetic tag, encoded with authentication information, within manufactured hardware during the part fabrication process. The revolutionary …

Researchers Show a New Way to Induce Useful Defects Using Invisible Material Properties

Much of modern electronic and computing technology is based on one idea: add chemical impurities, or defects, to semiconductors to change their ability to conduct electricity. These altered materials …

New Activity Trackers for Dolphin Conservation

Just like a smartwatch can tell its wearer how many calories they consume during exercise, data from dolphin wearables can now be used to estimate how much energy dolphins use when they …

Words Prove Their Worth as Teaching Tools for Robots

What is the best way to teach a robot? Sometimes it may simply be to speak to it clearly. Researchers found that human-language descriptions of tools can accelerate the learning of a simulated …

The Physical Intelligence of Ant and Robot Collectives

Researchers took inspiration from ants to design a team of relatively simple robots that can work collectively to perform complex tasks using only a few basic …

Should We Tax Robots?

A small tax on robots, as well as on trade generally, will help reduce income inequality in the U.S., according to …

Daylong Wastewater Samples Yield Surprises

Engineers compare wastewater ‘snapshots’ to daylong composite samples and find snapshots lead to bias in testing for the presence of antibiotic-resistant …

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