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Plastic Pollution in the Oceans Is an Equity Issue

A new report and upcoming international virtual event addresses the unequal burden of marine plastics on different communities. The illustrated report includes case studies from around the world and …

Indigenous Territories and Protected Areas Are Key to Forest Conservation in the Brazilian Amazon, Study Shows

A U.S.-Brazilian study using time series satellite images from 2000 to 2021 reveals the vital role of Indigenous territories and protected areas for forest conservation in the Brazilian Amazon, as …

Two out of Three Glaciers Could Be Lost by 2100

Scientists have made new projections of glacier mass loss through the century under different emissions …

Climate Risk Insurance Can Effectively Mitigate Economic Losses

Global warming is expected to lead to an accumulation of particularly intense hurricanes in the United States. This may substantially increase the economic losses caused by these storms. Better …

Slime for the Climate, Delivered by Brown Algae

Brown algae take up large amounts of carbon dioxide from the air and release parts of the carbon contained therein back into the environment in mucous form. This mucus is hard to break down for other …

Rwandan Tree Carbon Stock Mapped from Above

Researchers have developed accurate nation-wide mapping of the carbon content of trees based on aerial …

Current Antarctic Conservation Efforts Are Insufficient to Avoid Biodiversity Declines, Study Shows

Existing conservation efforts are insufficient to protect Antarctic ecosystems, and population declines are likely for 65% of the continent’s plants and wildlife by the year 2100, according to a …

Metabolic Hack Makes Ocean Algae More Resilient to 21st Century Climate Change

Scientists provide clear evidence that marine phytoplankton are much more resilient to future climate change than previously …

Using Deep Learning to Monitor India’s Disappearing Forest Cover

Using satellite monitoring data, researchers have developed a deep learning algorithm that could provide real-time monthly land use and land cover maps for parts of …

Carbon Dioxide Removal Should Receive Additional Financial Support, Experts Urge

Cleaning up greenhouse gases after they have been emitted should be incentivized by subsidies. New evidence from an economic analysis considering international markets suggests an important reason …

UK Woodlands Could Store Almost Twice as Much Carbon as Previously Estimated

UK forests could store almost double the amount of carbon than previous calculations suggest, with consequences for our understanding of carbon stocks and humanity’s response to climate change, …

Insights Get the Right Fish on the Right Plate

Researchers are devising a way to track and measure how fish — one of the world’s most-traded commodities — moves from the water to the plate within a …

Experts from 14 Nations Discuss Global Gene Drive Project Registry

UC San Diego Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health and Human Longevity Science led 70 participants from 14 nations in a discussion on the ways in which a gene drive project registry could both …

Pollination Loss Removes Healthy Foods from Global Diets, Increases Chronic Diseases Causing Excess Deaths

Inadequate pollination has led to a 3-5% loss of fruit, vegetable, and nut production and an estimated 427,000 excess deaths annually from lost healthy food consumption and associated diseases, …

Paris Agreement Temperature Targets May Worsen Climate Injustice for Many Island States

While the world focuses on limiting the rise in global temperature to 1.5 or 2 degrees Celsius over the preindustrial average, increasing meltwater from ice sheets presents an existential threat to …

Scientists Outline Key Policies for Degrowth in the Fight Against Climate Change

Leading researchers in ecological economics have published a strategic policy framework to ensure a just transition to post-growth …

Uncovering Plant Invasions in the Tropics

An international collaboration of scientists has created the first inventory of flora introduced to the tropics, filling a knowledge gap about invasive plants in the …

New Study Highlights Urgent Need to Safeguard Deep Reefs — One of the Largest and Least Protected Ecosystems

New study finds very few deep reefs have any form of protection, and face a multitude of threats, set only to escalate in the near future. Deep reefs are found below 30m and have a larger geographic …

Electric Car Sales Drive Toward Cleaner Air, Longer Lives

Electric cars — and their continued sales growth — are expected to have a greener, cleaner influence on air pollution and reduce early human mortality in most, if not all, U.S. metropolitan …

Countries Bet on Forests and Soils to Reach Net-Zero

New research highlights the risks of countries relying on nature-based solutions to achieve net-zero. National climate strategies set out how countries plan to reduce emissions, for example by …

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Source link Environmental Policy News has become an increasingly popular source of information on the latest environmental policies and initiatives. The website, ScienceDaily, provides a comprehensive overview of global environmental policies, news, and updates, making it an ideal source of reliable updates on the changing world of environmental policy.

The website platform has been designed to keep readers informed on the latest developments in environmental policy both regionally and globally. Stories are cataloged by continent, country and protected area, helping readers quickly identify regional stories that are relevant to their interests. In addition to helping its users stay informed, the website offers an interactive platform to spur discussions, amendments, and possible improvements to the sprawling landscape of environmental policy.

ScienceDaily also offers researchers, environmental advocacy groups, and policymakers current research displays and studies. Articles are paired with infographics, timelines, and satellite maps, providing readers a better understanding of the complexities of environmental policy. The website also provides context and background of international disputes, as well as in-depth analyses of impending decisions.

ScienceDaily is a comprehensive website for readers already informed about environmental policies and for those who are only starting to get involved in the world of environmental advocacy. With its quick updates and interactive platform, ScienceDaily continues to be a go-to source for staying informed about the many facets of environmental policy.

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