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Everything To Know About His 2 Children – Hollywood Life

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  • Kevin Bacon shares two kids with actress wife Kyra Sedgwick
  • Daughter Sosie is an actress who has worked with dad several times, including a recent Hyundai ad
  • Son Travis is a musician who composes and plays in several bands

Kevin Bacon, 64, has been a beloved actor since wowing audiences with 1984’s FootlooseAfter starring in the classic musical, Kevin went on to lead a wide-array of movies, including dramas like A Few Good Men and Mystic River and thrillers like Flatliners and Tremors. The charming celeb was even nominated for a Primetime Emmy for his performance in the 2009 TV movie Taking Chance. 

Throughout much of his career, Kevin’s been married to actress Kyra Sedgwick, 57. Kevin and Kyra tied the knot in 1988, and together they have two wonderful children, Sosie, 30, and Travis, 33.

Kevin has two wonderful kids Travis, 32, and Sosie, 29. (Shutterstock)

While he’s had an accomplished career, the star shown that his kids come first. Kevin gushed about his offspring in a 2017 interview with Closer Weekly.

“The proudest accomplishment of my life is my children,” he said. “Being a parent [means] bringing them up and trying to teach them and have them learn by example to be good, decent, compassionate, hardworking people.” In fact, he’s set such a good example that Sosie has followed in her father’s footsteps and is now appearing in a hilarious father-daughter Hyundai ad with him.

Want to learn more about the Bacon-Sedgwick family? Find out everything you need to know about both of Kevin Bacon’s kids here.

Travis Bacon

Travis has followed his dad’s love of music and become a full-blown rocker. (Shutterstock)

Kyra and Kevin’s older son Travis was born in June 1989. Travis has dabbled in movies and TV, like his parents, per IMDb. He had a role in the Kevin-directed 2005 movie Loverboy, where he played Lenny, but he’s done most of his work in the entertainment industry off-camera

While Kevin is mostly known as an actor, he does have a knack for music, and he has a band with his brother Michael, appropriately called The Bacon Brothers. Travis clearly took after his dad’s love for music, and he’s been a composer for a few TV movies and shorts, including the upcoming Space Oddity, which his mom directed.

Besides his composition work, Travis has performed in a few metal bands. He was a member of the Brooklyn-based metalcore outfit White Widows Pact, who released their self-titled debut album in 2013. He also joined the black metal group Black Anvil in 2016, and played on the band’s most recent album: 2017’s  As Was. He currently performs with the band Contra Cult and is involved in the horror film outfit #Slashtag.

Sosie Bacon

Sosie has followed in both of her parents’ footsteps and become an actress herself. (Shutterstock)

Sosie was born in March 1992, and like her brother, Sosie got her start in entertainment with a role in Loverboy. She kept acting, now establishing herself as am on-screen talent in her own right. After she made her debut, she went on to star in a handful of episodes the TV series The Closer. She appeared in the TV series, 13 Reasons Why, Narcos: Mexico, and Mare of Easttown, and in 2022 had a hit with the horror film Smile. Sosie appears to have a 2023 collaboration with her dad in the works, as well. The duo was seen filming something together in Studio City, California on Dec. 19, 2022. In January of 2023, Kevin revealed the project — a hilarious Hyundai ad in which Sosie repeatedly rolls her eyes at the actor’s dad jokes about EV cars.

While she followed in her parents’ footsteps as she grew up, Sosie admitted that it took her longer to see her parents’ work in a 2013 interview with Pop Sugar. “I don’t watch their movies and stuff that often,” she said. “When I was really little, they were kind of inappropriate. So I kind of just stayed in that pattern, but I just watched Mystic River recently, and I thought my dad was incredible in that.”

Sosie seems close to her dad as can be. The duo was captured in a silly dance video on Instagram in Dec. 2022. In the clip, Kevin and Sosie appeared in parallel shots as they wiggled along to a remix of Harry Styles‘ “As It Was,” both appearing near stables. “Different barns, same vibes,” Kevin wrote in the caption.

Source link For actor Chris Pratt, fatherhood has become a priority in his life, as he devotes himself to parenting his two children, Jack, 8, and daughter Lyla, 6. Here’s a look at what’s known about the two adorable kids.

Chris Pratt’s oldest child, Jack, was born in August 2012 to his then-wife Anna Faris. The couple had initially adopted the little boy following the devastating news that Anna’s pregnancy had been unsuccessful. Though the relationship between Anna and Chris later ended in divorce, they both remain devoted to raising Jack together with an amicable co-parenting relationship.

Jack is a thoroughly curious and active boy who loves spending time outdoors with his parents. Chris is particularly fond of sporting events—from Nascar races to football games. Nevertheless, Jack hasn’t adopted any specific hobbies yet though Anna has said he enjoys swimming and gymnastics. Though Jack has only recently begun going to school, both parents dote on him immensely and have never hesitated to gush about their son in interviews.

Chris’ youngest child, daughter Lyla, was born in August 2018 with his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger. The proud father has been frequently seen cuddling and playing with his daughter in various public settings, often expressing his immense love for her on social media. Little Lyla frequently appears on Katherine’s Instagram too, where fans have watched the toddler’s growth into a precocious little girl. Though there isn’t much more known about her yet, she sure has shown a lot of personality in the few years of her life.

Chris’s two kids are truly a bundle of joy in his life and it’s evident how much he loves them from the way he talks about them. With such awesome parents, it’s hard not to think that Jack and Lyla will be quite successful individuals given the opportunity, but for now their main priority is to enjoy their childhood to its fullest!

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