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Evolutionary Biology News — ScienceDaily

Chlamydiae Expand Our View on How Intracellular Bacteria Evolve

All chlamydiae today live inside the cells of hosts ranging from amoeba to animals. A team of scientists found that the ancestor of chlamydiae likely already lived inside host cells, but that …

Radiation Damage to Paternal DNA Is Passed on to Offspring

Damage to the paternal genome of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans cannot be repaired and is instead passed on to its offspring, while the female egg repairs or limits the …

Rapid Evolution of Spermatogenesis

Evolutionary pressure across male mammals to guarantee the procreation of their own offspring led to a rapid evolution of the testicle. Bioinformatic studies show that this pressure particularly …

Ants Shed Light to Predicting Evolution After Hybridization

Researchers found that after multiple hybridization events between two wood ant species distinct hybrid populations evolved independently towards the same direction, suggesting hybridization is …

Orangutan Communication Sheds Light on Human Speech Origins

Research finds orangutans communicate using a complex repertoire of consonant-like calls, more so than African apes. Previous research has only linked the evolution of human language with the …

Diving Birds Are More Prone to Extinction, Says New Study

Diving birds like penguins, puffins and cormorants may be more prone to extinction than non-diving birds, according to a new study. The authors suggest this is because they are highly specialized and …

Linking Fossil Climate Proxies to Living Bacteria Helps Climate Predictions

Fossilized microbial skins can give us a glimpse of how the climate was in the deep geological past. By discovering the ‘missing link’ between such fossil skins and the skins of living …

Scientists Discover What Was on the Menu of the First Dinosaurs

The earliest dinosaurs included carnivorous, omnivorous and herbivorous species, according to a team of …

Climate Change Played Key Role in Dinosaur Success Story

Climate change, rather than competition, played a key role in the ascendancy of dinosaurs through the Late Triassic and Early Jurassic …

Octopuses May Link Evolution of Complex Life to Genetic ‘Dark Matter’

Researchers reported that octopuses are the first known invertebrates to show an increase over evolutionary time in microRNAs, which are gene-regulating molecules linked to the development of …

Mapping E. Coli to Overcome Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotic resistance, when infection-causing bacteria evolve so they are no longer affected by typical antibiotics, is a global concern. New research has mapped the evolution and process of natural …

Cabbage White Butterflies Utilize Two Gut Enzymes for Maximum Flexibility in Deactivating Mustard Oil Bombs

Researchers report that larvae of the cabbage white butterfly use two gut enzymes to effectively disarm the mustard oil bomb, the major chemical defense system of their host plants. Cabbage white …

Scientists Finds Stem Cell Network in Ancient Fish

An ancient fish called a ‘living fossil’ has helped researchers understand the basics of stem cells. This will further stem cell research and be a step in the direction of creating …

Extinct ‘Monkey Lemur’ Shows Similarities to Fossil Humans

Analysis of teeth of extinct lemurs has revealed fascinating clues to the evolution of humans, a new study has …

True Giant Wombat Gives Diprotodon Podium a Wobble

While the Diprotodon — the extinct megafauna species that is distantly related to wombats but was the size of a small car — is commonly (but incorrectly) thought of as Australia’s ‘giant …

Atopic Dermatitis in Dogs Linked to Certain Parts of the Genome

Using new gene mapping methods, researchers have found connections between atopic dermatitis (eczema) in dogs and several regions of the genome. Some of the genes identified coincide with genes …

How Intensive Agriculture Turned a Wild Plant Into a Pervasive Weed

Agriculture is driving rapid evolutionary change, not just on farms but also in wild species in surrounding landscapes, new research has …

World’s Simplest Animals Get Their Place in the Tree of Life

The group with the world’s simplest animals — tiny blob-like life forms with no organs and just a few cell types — finally has a fleshed-out family tree. The study comes more than 100 years …

Smilodon’s Sabre Teeth

Researchers have tested the biting efficiency of Smilodon, an extinct species of carnivore close to the extant felines. Using high-precision 3D scans and simulation methods, the team has just …

How Do Worms Develop Their Gut?

How do nematodes distantly related to the best-studied one, Caenorhabditis elegans, make their gut, given that the genes responsible for specifying the gut in C. elegans are absent in other …

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Source link Evolutionary biology has been gaining a lot of attention recently, and now thanks to emergence of new technology, doors have opened that allow us to gain an even deeper understanding of the complexities of evolution. Fortunately, news and updates related to evolutionary biology have received the same level of attention.

One of the most comprehensive sources that provide news and updates related to the subject is ScienceDaily. With over 30 years of experience providing the public with peer-reviewed articles on evolutionary biology, ScienceDaily continues to be a valuable source of information. Their scientific experts ensure each article is written with accuracy and credibility. Furthermore, they have a team of editorial staff that works to ensure comprehensiveness and cohesion.

ScienceDaily is not only an invaluable source of evolutionary biology news and updates, but it is also the perfect place for researchers and educators to brush up on their knowledge. Their daily and weekly newsletters keep their readers informed about the newest developments in the field. Moreover, their comprehensive list of topics and categories make it easy for users to quickly and efficiently find relevant information about their topics of interest.

Although ScienceDaily is an invaluable source of evolutionary biology news, it does not replace the need to remain informed and connected with the work of researchers and professionals in the field. It is important to remember that any scientific information that is shared should be checked and confirmed by reputable peer-reviewed sources. This is the best way to ensure accuracy, objectivity and quality.

All in all, ScienceDaily is an amazing source of evolutionary biology news and updates. It is a valuable resource that offers exceptional coverage of the field. With their wide range topics and reliable editorial staff, ScienceDaily is the ideal source for researchers and educators who wish to be informed about the latest developments in evolutionary biology.

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