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  • Gordon Lightfoot is best known as a singer/songwriter and guitarist.
  • He is the father of six children.
  • He was married to Kim Hasse since 2014.
  • Gordon passed away at the age of 84 on May 1, 2023.

Gordon Lightfoot was one of folk and country music’s most influential singer/songwriters. The huge talent, who passed away at the age of 84 on May 1, left a lasting legacy that will forever change the music industry, but he also left a lasting impression on his beloved six children, Fred, Ingrid, Gaylen, Eric, Miles, and Meredith. He had his children during his first two marriages and during relationships that took place in between the marriages, but he was known for being pretty private about his family over the years.

Gordon Lightfoot
A photo of Gordon when he was younger. (Everett Collection)

Find out more about Gordon’s children below.

Fred Lightfoot

Fred is Gordon’s oldest child. He was born to Gordon and his first wife, Brita Ingegerd Olaisson in 1964. After his birth, his parents stayed together until their divorce in 1973. The split was reportedly due to Gordon’s infidelity. Unlike his dad, Fred has maintained a private life throughout his adulthood and not much is known about his life today.

Ingrid Lightfoot

Ingrid is Gordon and Brita’s second child together. She was born in 1965, one year after her brother Fred. Although she’s also private, like Fred, it’s been reported that she asked Gordon to change some of the lyrics in his popular song, “If You Could Read My Mind,” which is apparently about the difficulties of his marriage with her mom, Brita. They lyric went from “I’m just trying to understand the feelings that you lack” to “I’m just trying to understand the feelings that we lack.” It is believed Ingrid has become a mother in her adult life, making Gordon a grandfather.

Gaylen McGee

Gaylen is Gordon’s child from a relationship that took place after his first marriage. His birthdate is not publicly known and although he doesn’t have the same last name as the artist, he is still believed to be his child. He is younger than his older half-siblings, Fred and Ingrid, making him the third oldest child of Gordon’s. Like his siblings, he is very private about his life and not much is known about him.

Eric Lightfoot

Eric is Gordon’s fourth oldest child. Like Gaylen, he was born during a relationship that Gordon had after his first marriage. He’s very private about his life as well but it’s been reported that he started an alternative band in Toronto, Canada when he was in his late teens in the early 2000s. It’s unknown if he still does music today or has pursued another career.

Miles Lightfoot

Miles is Gordon’s fifth oldest child. He was born in 1991 to Gordon and his second wife Elizabeth Moon, whom he was married to from 1989 until 2011. He has no public information out there about his life today as an adult, so it’s unknown what he does for a career and/or if he has a family of his own.

Meredith Moon

Meredith is Gordon’s youngest child. Her mother is also Elizabeth but her exact birthdate is not publicly listed. Unlike her siblings, Meredith has taken the public route and became a singer and guitarist, just like her dad. She goes by her mom’s last name, at least in her career, and has her own website that gives more information about herself as a performer.

Although she rarely mentions Gordon (she seems to like to keep that part of her life private), she did ask for privacy in an Instagram post, shortly after his death. She also uses the platform to promote her music and her shows.

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